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  1. Meanwhile, I never ran into these kinds of problems on my Linux machine (Debian 11 or 12). Always just plugged in a USB-C to USB-C cable (or Micro-USb gor older devices), so this problem might be Windows-specific (unless I just got really really lucky, for once 🙃).
  2. I might be missing something as well, but I had no troubles booting this phone without a Google account, even on stock Android? Just dont connect it to wifi or put a SIM in it, and it will say something along the lines of "since you dont have an active connection, you cant use a google account, press continue to get started". After that, just enable developer options (You can follow the steps for "setting up adb" here: https://wiki.lineageos.org/adb_fastboot_guide#setting-up-adb ). When this is done, issue 'adb reboot bootloader' and your phone should restart to bootloader.
  3. Ok, so, good news! After some pondering, I decided to open the thing up. It was actually not that hard to take apart, the official Fxtec instructions for disassembling Pro1/Pro1 X (https://vimeo.com/483552998) were easy to follow. Note: I did not use a prying tool, as I found it easier to do with my fingers (as the plastic frame is fitted to the metal quite snuggly, I found it hard to get a prying tool in there). And a word of caution: the black paint on the back of the display chips really easily when removing the 5 screw covers. Once I had the display frame removed and the ribbon
  4. I would very much prefer to not have to do that, if at all possible, however I realize I might end up having to do just that. I think I have seen some instruction on opening the thing up somewhere, but cant seem to find it at the moment. Do you (or anyone else, perhaps @EskeRahn) know where I might have seen this? I will also be looking closely at some pictures of the PCB to try to determine what to look for, if I indeed end up opening the thing up. To anyone that has opened up the screen part of this thing before, do you know if its as complicated as I imagine? Normally, I would ofcourse
  5. Yes, using Swedish/Norwegian provider Telenor. Sadly, this trick does not work for me, it stays silent as the grave, dispite any amount of "firmly pressing" this spot (or the areas around it). I dont get the "click" sound either, so that makes sense, I suppose. The mic works for me too, as well as speaker phone. Did not get around to trying bluetooth yet, as I figure the phone is more or less unusable if I cant use it for making calls. I also do have these weird little blobs, just on the lower corners (holding the phone in portrait mode), not on the upper ones. @MonCon, gonna
  6. So I received my pro1 x yesterday (after paying 719 SEK import tax and fees). I immediately ran into problems; the battery was dead. Solved this using Thomas's trick from the IGG comments section. Thanks a bunch for this. That lead me right into the next few problems, the most worrysome being the fact that the ear piece seem completely dead. Made a couple test calls, and the receiver says they can hear me, but I hear exactly nothing. No dial tone, no speech, nothing. Anyone know if this is solvable by some software workaround, or if it is (as I fear) a hardware problem?
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