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  1. And don't say sliders are out of fashion. They are ahead of time. People just don't know yet 😉
  2. Same to me, just received it few weeks ago. Also had this battery drain issue solved with the entry: With the support of some members like @EskeRahn and @Hook I was able to establish a new ROM (they are delivered with stock android no matter what you ordered) without utilizing Google and made the installation using an old Windows 7 (offline): It was quite some effort getting though all of that and the phone is already showing signs of defect (USB plug loose). But anyway. I did wait for this phone so long and I love the slider idea. If there would be a Pro 2X I would
  3. Hello there, recently got my new Pro 1X, but trying to load it I sensed the USB plug to be loose. While moving it slightly it was rattling inside the phone. I am not sure. As the USB module is separate, does this refer to a not so perfect clamped/glued module or might the screw or even the connection on the conductor board be broken ? I once experienced something similar on a graphics card, where the plug was loose as its screw was broken from the board. After some time of rattling the soldering of the plug broke and it was doomed. Does anybody have an idea on that ? Or ma
  4. Next up I will check that F-Droid stuff and app stores 😅
  5. Thanks guys for your support. Those last days were exhausting. Wouldn't make it without you.
  6. What worked for me now: - Installing adb and fastboot (partially as no FxTec USB Drivers available) https://wiki.lineageos.org/adb_fastboot_guide - ADB driver install (probably no effect) https://adb.clockworkmod.com/ - Reboot into bootloader mode With the device powered off, hold Volume Down + Power Enter recovera with Volume Up + Power - Enable offline charging fastboot oem enable-charger-screen fastboot oem off-mode-charge 1 fastboot reboot - Unlocking the bootloader (skipped as already by default) fastboot flashing unlock - Flashing additional
  7. For my case it looked like a drivers issue, as those manual additions did not seem to work well. If the devices register and install themselves, things seem a bit more smooth.
  8. Used a Win 10 tablet now. Pluging in the device shows the Qx1050 in device manager instantly, no need for driver updates. Copied files and linked path, run "adb devices" command and everything seem working. Sideload passed on the second attempt as on the first one it told me the recovery file is corrupted and system cannot reboot anymore. But I just redid the wipe and install. Gonna test now.
  9. Will check for more devices.
  10. From an official side there is no support for FxTec: https://developer.android.com/studio/run/oem-usb It might be that FxTec is similar to another manufacturer maybe.
  11. It might be driver. But which to take ?
  12. Tried with hub and without -d no difference.
  13. It looks like this:
  14. You mean if I change something on the physical connection it might support the ADB commandos ?
  15. Everything works fine until I try to sideload. ADB commands are not accepted.
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