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  1. Price... For you, how much should it cost? For me 300€ is the best, I will buy for sure immediatly. At 400€ before I will wait the users review... The maximum limit for me is 500€
  2. Leather bookcase or not, I think is important to think also some accessories like protection case...
  3. In the HTC Desire Z I love the ability to write for ex. "a" and then press FN+space to have it with the standard accent "à". Very easy and speedy compare to standard ASOP keyboard long press. Of course, if I need more type of accent need to long press the key.
  4. My qwerty phone list (in order I have used it): ETen Gloofish M800 Pro: one of the very first smartphone with full horizontal keyboard. Good response of the keys. Like the sliding mechanism. Good price (280€). Con: very bad OS (windows mobile 6.1). Bad hardware. Lot of problems. No finger friendly. No space between the keyboard keys. Huge bezel and small screen. HTC Desire Z Pro: Android. Very good assembly. Still now in function. Good hardware for 2010 phone. Standard headphone jack. Con: the key's response is not so good (very soft without "click"). After years of use some keys need to be pressed very hard to function. I didn't like the sliding mechanism. Hardware too old for today (isn't a con, it's the hardware life). Price a little bit high (475€). Very difficult to unlock but is possibile to do. Motorola Photon Q Pro: very good keyboard. Simply to unlock. The last QWERTY phone at the moment. Decent hardware. Good keybord response. Price low (used with hw mod: 100-120€) Con: slider connection cable that broke after intense use. Bad assembly. Keybord click too noisy. Need to be modify in the hardware if you need to use with your own SIM. This cause a lot of hardware problems like screen bugs/blackout, battery drain ecc. Need to change 3 times... After the last problem I choose to switch to a non QWERTY phone :-( Hope this can help... Waiting form your new device! :-)
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