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  1. Price... For you, how much should it cost? For me 300€ is the best, I will buy for sure immediatly. At 400€ before I will wait the users review... The maximum limit for me is 500€
  2. Leather bookcase or not, I think is important to think also some accessories like protection case...
  3. In the HTC Desire Z I love the ability to write for ex. "a" and then press FN+space to have it with the standard accent "à". Very easy and speedy compare to standard ASOP keyboard long press. Of course, if I need more type of accent need to long press the key.
  4. My qwerty phone list (in order I have used it): ETen Gloofish M800 Pro: one of the very first smartphone with full horizontal keyboard. Good response of the keys. Like the sliding mechanism. Good price (280€). Con: very bad OS (windows mobile 6.1). Bad hardware. Lot of problems. No finger friendly. No space between the keyboard keys. Huge bezel and small screen. HTC Desire Z Pro: Android. Very good assembly. Still now in function. Good hardware for 2010 phone. Standard headphone jack. Con: the key's response is not so good (very soft without "click"). After years of use some keys nee
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