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  1. There are hints (ok, A hint) that fxtec are planning a second phone after the pro 1 that might incorporate more nostalgic features. "F(x)tec is also already planning its next smartphone, which is set to bring back more nostalgic features from the ghosts of the mobiles past." - stuff.tv link: https://www.stuff.tv/fxtec/pro-1/review What features and/or specs would you like the eventual pro 2 to have?
  2. Swedish here. I used the N900 and really miss it. A Scandinavian layout would be great even though I totally understand that it might not happen because of the small market.
  3. "In terms of hardware, we’ve switched to a better display supplier based on the initial feedback we received at MWC. The new screen on the Pro1 is the same size and has the same technical specs. The main differences are that the panel produces a more vibrant image with far less blue shift and the sides are physically less curved. (This particular supplier also supplies the display for Huawei’s Mate X folding phone so we’re in good company)." Well would you look at that.. How about some detailed photos?
  4. +1 for "normal", non-curved screen. I remember from one of the hands-on videos floating around that Fxtec might change screen manufacturer, so maybe there is still a chance (however slim) that we might see a flat screen with normal edges. Flipping the screen up to reveal the keyboard while the screen is on seems problematic if the edges are curved, feels like I might accidentally open an app or change something. But then again I have not tried the phone so it might not be an issue. From the videos I see a lot of unintentional screen touching though... Fxtec seem to have made the flip-up
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