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  1. Phew. This thread confirms two things. That you guys CAN respond quickly... but choose not to depending on what the topic is about. (Shipping delays and nary a peep for long periods of time.) And secondly... That I was right to cancel my pre-order. A company with representatives that behave this way, reactively and ignorantly, is not a company worth supporting.
  2. Because cancelling a pre-order (due to dissatisfaction with lack of communication from Fxtec) does not cancel my interest in having a device with a physical keyboard? Because I'm still interested in what other people have to say? Because you quoted me and I got a notification of such? Or... I'm still hanging around on the forums because it upsets you. I'll leave it to you to guess which.
  3. Precisely. This is why I cancelled. Their lack of communication and updates is a shockingly typical habit of shady kickstarters. I wouldn't care of the delays extended until next year... *if they bothered to keep us in the loop every step of the way.* Keeping us updated is not outside of their control.
  4. Been having a bit of an issue with my order... I intended to cancel it the further the date keeps slipping and communication becoming more distant. If you view your order status... "Credit / Debit Card TOTAL: $659.00 USD charged at a future date" Except... when I checked my bank account for transactions on the date I submitted my pre-order: they already charged me the full amount that day. When asking how I would cancel, the people are viewing my messages on Facebook but not responding. This is starting to look rather scammy.
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