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  1. Good to hear, hope you find it as useful as I did. For anyone else's reference, yeah just flip the "USB debugging" switch. And there's no APK, this is an executable running on your computer that uses ADB.
  2. I had this, only I think it was a fade to black. In my case, it happened a little while after a sharp drop cracked the screen at a particular point on the edge. Assuming you haven't dropped it, I'd say it should be something to get fixed under warranty as others have said. But I'd also suggest you enable debug mode on the phone before the screen deteriorates further, and install scrcpy. At least then you can use the phone through the computer and back up data before you're ready to send it in for repairs.
  3. To be honest, I'm still surprised that the issues with IdeaLTE left Fxtec high and dry. I would have thought that terms of the deal included all source files, so another vendor could continue the work.
  4. Sorry to see you go, but I understand your sentiment. I'm in the fortunate position where I received my Pro1 and Pro1x (and just ordered another from Expansys), but if I was still waiting all this time I'd be a bit frustrated too. Having said that, while Fxtec has had a problem with communication (though I still believe it's gotten better compared to before) and execution (and a lot of bad luck), they've never done anything deceptive so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. If Expansys got their devices, it's because they paid for it like everyone else. Perhaps they got
  5. I missed this when it was originally posted, thanks for the update @Casey. I'll be firing up my Pro1x to give this a try.
  6. We got this with the Pro1, but as a once-off that @tdm kindly provided because he had access to the source as the LineageOS developer at the time. I don't believe it was updated though, and while it would be nice to get it again I wouldn't get my hopes up. Note this also likely means no OTA updates.
  7. Wasn't there some tweet about Fxtec hiring/sponsoring a dev to work on porting LineageOS previously?
  8. Mine arrived today (Australia). The blue colour looks pretty nice to me. 👍
  9. Got my Fedex confirmation last night, and the same from IGG a few hours later. Contribution ID is 4xx. Estimated delivery is next Thursday. Unfortunately it's going to sit there until LineageOS is ready, and even then I'm not looking forward to it on account of Android 12's awful UI changes.
  10. I'm definitely going to be using LineageOS, but my first thought is that I don't see any benefit to waiting vs requesting Android OS now just to have it on hand sooner (since I'm pretty confortable flashing it myself when the time comes). Though thinking on it a bit more, maybe I'll wait anyway. My Pro1 is doing the job just fine, and if I got it now it'll probably sit idle for a while winding down the warranty. Side note from a couple of updates ago; did anyone else who's replaced their Pro1 screen see the picture of all those black stickers and wish they could get a few spares?
  11. Yeah, I've actually done both of those things (ordered a tech bundle and a spare screen from AliExpress). But I wanted the complete display assembly as a spare, and while I'm getting one in the tech bundle, it's blue and I don't know if it's the components are exactly the same between the Pro1 and Pro1X . Do they use the same front camera, or did that change along with the rear camera? But those are alternative actions on my end (though I do appreciate your suggestions). The root problem here is that they've never responded. Even a negative response if they didn't have the parts avail
  12. I can't even get a reply from FxTec. Waiting months, sending the occasional reminder email, and even sending a whole new support request gets me nowhere. It's not even a warranty claim, I'm literally asking if I can purchase a replacement display. The last response they sent to me completely missed what I was asking; I wanted to know if I could buy a replacement display and organise for it to be shipped together with my Pro1x, and the response was basically "not to worry, the Pro1x will be manufactured soon". 😕 It's funny to me that so many people are complaining about their lack of IG
  13. I still use it as my alarm clock and flashlight (shaking the phone to turn it on is a nice feature). So not a complete waste.
  14. Yeah, x2. Still have my Moto Z Play in anticipation of the mod.
  15. True about the lame sleeve, but I got my free headphones.
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