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  1. No, no sign of life from the PC or the phone when I plug it in. I don't have a HDMI/USB adaptor but I do have a USB-C dock, nothing from that either. Yeah 4.1v doesn't indicate a battery problem but I was holding out hope that maybe it was. My Xiaomi Mi 6 battery arrived today and connecting it made no difference. Hard to know what to try next. I'll contact fxtec to see if they have any more ideas, otherwise I might have to look around for nearby specialist recovery places that can do microsoldering. I reckon some component on the motherboard died, if I'm lucky maybe it's a fuse s
  2. Thanks @davidand @foxfreejack for your replies. I sent an email to fxtec support, and they said the same thing (mic cover). I think the cover is still inside the reae case for the bottom mic, so I'm guessing it's the top one. Asked them for a photo to confirm. I tried booting the phone while disassembled and the battery reconnected, no luck. Support suggested trying to recharge the battery somehow in case it's dead, otherwise it'll be much harder to recover data. I don't want to wait a couple of weeks for AliExpress, and the local sellers with battery charging boards don't have the M
  3. So I've taken my phone apart, and it's been pretty disastrous. The only good news is that my battery still holds a lot of charge, the multimeter reported a voltage of 4.13v. The problems started when I tried to reassemble it. The connector for the fingerprint sensor is rage-inducing to snap back on, and after 40 mins I though I finally succeeded when I realised I broke off the ribbon cable. So no more fingerprint sensor. 😠 While doing so, some small piece of rubber seems to have fallen off, and I can't figure out where it goes after scouring the inside of the phone, the case, and F
  4. @davidHow did you go with the MI 6 battery? I may be having battery issues (see my other thread) and I'm wondering if this would be the fastest way I can get my phone back online.
  5. I woke up this morning and found that my Pro1 was off. I figured that this was because the battery ran out overnight, but unusually there was no response when I plugged it into a charger. I've tried different chargers for different periods of time, no change. So far here's what I've got: - I thought maybe it's my cracked screen rapidly deteriorated overnight and I no longer get a picture. But the last time I had this issue, the phone was otherwise active. This time calls go straight to voicemail and there's no connection when I plug it into a PC. - I've also been reading the oth
  6. That seller has the same "black spots" disclaimer, unfortunately.
  7. I've broken my last spare screen, so need to buy another replacement. My previous spare had a black spot that gradually got bigger until it was about 5mm wide. Most of the sellers mention black spot flaws, and I don't really want to go through another "lucky dip". Can anyone recommend a seller?
  8. You could try raising an issue on their Github repo. I see other such requests here, or you can try the Docker CD image repo instead. What issue do you have installing Docker?
  9. I have a different twist on this question; is it possible to use a Pro1 frame on a Pro1x? I've cracked my Pro1 screen (again), and need to swap it out with a replacement (good thing I bought two), but I don't want to go through the hassle of reinstalling the stock firmware to reset the screen's dead zones. I have a Pro1x lying idle, I'm thinking maybe I can connect the Pro1 screen to it and reinstall stock on that.
  10. I'm going to try this, as my A key has not been working well recently. @raymoand @veRYANgry, did your keys make a click sound and feel as though they were pressed down when they didn't work, or they didn't feel like the depressed at all?
  11. Good to hear, hope you find it as useful as I did. For anyone else's reference, yeah just flip the "USB debugging" switch. And there's no APK, this is an executable running on your computer that uses ADB.
  12. I had this, only I think it was a fade to black. In my case, it happened a little while after a sharp drop cracked the screen at a particular point on the edge. Assuming you haven't dropped it, I'd say it should be something to get fixed under warranty as others have said. But I'd also suggest you enable debug mode on the phone before the screen deteriorates further, and install scrcpy. At least then you can use the phone through the computer and back up data before you're ready to send it in for repairs.
  13. To be honest, I'm still surprised that the issues with IdeaLTE left Fxtec high and dry. I would have thought that terms of the deal included all source files, so another vendor could continue the work.
  14. I missed this when it was originally posted, thanks for the update @Casey. I'll be firing up my Pro1x to give this a try.
  15. We got this with the Pro1, but as a once-off that @tdm kindly provided because he had access to the source as the LineageOS developer at the time. I don't believe it was updated though, and while it would be nice to get it again I wouldn't get my hopes up. Note this also likely means no OTA updates.
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