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  1. I'm definitely going to be using LineageOS, but my first thought is that I don't see any benefit to waiting vs requesting Android OS now just to have it on hand sooner (since I'm pretty confortable flashing it myself when the time comes). Though thinking on it a bit more, maybe I'll wait anyway. My Pro1 is doing the job just fine, and if I got it now it'll probably sit idle for a while winding down the warranty. Side note from a couple of updates ago; did anyone else who's replaced their Pro1 screen see the picture of all those black stickers and wish they could get a few spares?
  2. Yeah, I've actually done both of those things (ordered a tech bundle and a spare screen from AliExpress). But I wanted the complete display assembly as a spare, and while I'm getting one in the tech bundle, it's blue and I don't know if it's the components are exactly the same between the Pro1 and Pro1X . Do they use the same front camera, or did that change along with the rear camera? But those are alternative actions on my end (though I do appreciate your suggestions). The root problem here is that they've never responded. Even a negative response if they didn't have the parts avail
  3. I can't even get a reply from FxTec. Waiting months, sending the occasional reminder email, and even sending a whole new support request gets me nowhere. It's not even a warranty claim, I'm literally asking if I can purchase a replacement display. The last response they sent to me completely missed what I was asking; I wanted to know if I could buy a replacement display and organise for it to be shipped together with my Pro1x, and the response was basically "not to worry, the Pro1x will be manufactured soon". 😕 It's funny to me that so many people are complaining about their lack of IG
  4. I still use it as my alarm clock and flashlight (shaking the phone to turn it on is a nice feature). So not a complete waste.
  5. Yeah, x2. Still have my Moto Z Play in anticipation of the mod.
  6. True about the lame sleeve, but I got my free headphones.
  7. I wouldn't assume so, rather more related to the provider of the OTA mechanism rather than the update itself. This old topic might help for context.
  8. A quick update on the Brotect screen protector; it feels great to the touch but it started to lift from one of the bottom corners. 😞 I think it may be a little bit too long and was overhanging after I applied it, or maybe there was a tiny portion of the corner that didn't adhere. Now I need to buy some more screen protectors. Also, I find my Pro1 is now more loose, especially from the bottom left corner. When I tap the screen the whole assembly moves and taps into the keyboard assembly. I'm not sure if I need to tighten a screw, as the screws I unscrewed were higher up on the assembly
  9. Also as a side note, until I repaired my screen I made use scrcpy to mirror my screen on to my computer. It does need ADB debug mode enabled, so your screen does need to work well enough to do that if you haven't done so beforehand.
  10. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and shared experiences. I fitted my replacement screen on the weekend and my Pro1 is whole again! I ended up not using the glue strips provided with the screen and just used the B7000 glue all around, albeit a bit unevenly. Some came out the sides as I pushed down, though I'm not sure if I applied enough in the bottom corners (though so far it's holding well). The biggest hassle was peeling off the black sticker from the old screen and unfurling it on the new screen. The screen doees rattle on the let side a bit more now though, maybe I need to
  11. Unfortunately I couldn't find a clean way. There was one promising tool, called Migrate that I installed but didn't end up using because I wasn't sure I had enough on-device storage and didn't have a blank SD card on hand. What I did instead was take multiple different backups: - I set up regular rsync backups of my entire /sdcard directory (this is the internal user storage partiton) to my NAS using the rsync server of my Synology NAS and Syncopoli, including just before the wipe. This worked great, and I could probably have used it for the whole device storage if I'd run it as root (
  12. So, just to confirm, is there no way to fix the issue with LineageOS 18.1, even with Magisk installed for root?
  13. I took the plunge and ordered a couple of screens from a seller, while also emailing Fxtec support about purchasing a complete display as a replacement. The replacements arrived quicker than a response from Fxtec support. 😮 I didn't actually think it would arrive so quickly so I didn't order the glue in time. So either I just replace the screen without the glue this weekend, or wait another few days.
  14. I got this as part of a response last week from Fxtec support in relation to my broken screen issue: That was a week ago so anything could have happened since, but even if things are still on track and manufacturing was complete, I expect it'd still take time to package the manufactured phones and have them ready for shipping.
  15. Not sure if this was obvious to everyone else, but I had no idea what VTS was and had to look it up.
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