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  1. I updated to the 20210621 MicroG build a week ago. I'm not sure if it's because of that or because I disabled my Magisk AptX module before the update, but Bluetooth seems much better for me now.
  2. I thought I'd share more of my thoughts since this post last April. I considered just posting in this thread but didn't really want to necro it after close to a year and my feelings on the phone aren't that much in common. So in no particular order: + It's so much faster and smoother than my Droid 4. For those of you who left the stone age long before me I'm sure this is no big deal, but I'm still happy with instant UI responses and fast internet. Before I was lucky to get a 1 or 2 mbit, especially as 3G was continually reprovisioned to 4G. Now it's tested as over 100! Who needs
  3. OK then, then I can only hope if anything it's an issue specific to the build that I've installed (on MicroG so only one update a month).
  4. Has anyone had issues with Bluetooth call quality? Regular audio (i.e music) sounds fine, but for calls people's voices sound clipped (here's an example of what I mean). I've tried multiple different Bluetooth headsets and speakers, same issue. No problem using the handset or through the headphone jack, and the same Bluetooth devices worked fine in my Droid 4.
  5. Here is a screenshot. According to Reddit discussion the screenshot option does appear for some phones (not sure why some phones and not others), but aside from screenshots in 14.1 I remember being able to toggle DND, aeroplane mode, ring/vibrate.
  6. So I finally set up my Pro1 to use as my main phone last weekend. Previously it had mostly sat locked away in between experimentations with LineageOS 16.0, then my own builds of 17.1 with MicroG (not to mention trying to make my own silicone phone case, that did not go well), but now I just use the 18.1 MicroG builds. My Droid 4 has now been retired, as has the Moto Z Play that I bought for use with the keyboard mod that never was (migrating 2 phones worth of apps/data was a big effort I don't want to go through again). It's almost a weird feeling having a modern phone that doesn't have a 5
  7. Noob

    ROM: Ungoogled Stock

    Thanks @tdm for this build, this is awesome. My only question is, in the absense of OTA, how feasible is it to create updated builds? And I presume there'd be no data loss on upgrade, like updating LOS? I noticed that last week when I did my first LOS build for my Droid 4, Android security patch level is "5 December 2019".
  8. /wave Bye bye Pro1, see you again (hopefully) soon. So I sold my Pro1 to Kashif. It's an awesome phone, but after spending days trying to deGoogle it and finding LineageOS not quite ready for prime time I thought I may as well sell it/trade orders given his his eagerness and the fact me made me an offer I "couldn't refuse" As bad as my Droid4 is (currently turns off at random) I can live with it a bit longer. @kashif I'm glad you're enjoying it.
  9. Maybe not. I couldn't tell which version it's at, I did the OTA update last night but maybe there are more updates available after that one. I tried again today and see there's one relating to Google SafetyNet. EDIT: So it seems the updates are installed sequentially, rather than one big superceding one. I installed the SafetyNet update, then a further one (10 Dec) and retested. Still the same behaviour re VoLTE. Two providers, AldiMobile (Telstra MVNO) and Optus. Both seemed to support LTE/4G. LTE does seem to be supported, but just for data. When phone call came t
  10. I'm not sure if anyone else with a Pro1 is in Australia, but you'll need the OTA update to get phone calls working. On the original stock firmware everything worked but outgoing calls which would not dial out and incoming calls would be engaged or straight to voicemail. Same for LineageOS, but currently no update to fix it. There is one other thing I noticed; when I dial *#*#4636#*#* I see that "VoLTE provisioned" is greyed out and disabled. Hopefully that can be turned on in future.
  11. Really? That would be pretty cool. Yes I've definitely appreciated some of the cool features on my LOS 14.1 Droid 4, and they look even better on the Pro1 (privacy guard, ADB over network, extended reboot menu, 5x5 pattern grid, night mode, and the new transfer speed status bar indicator is a nice touch), but running on nightlies has been a bumpy ride over the years; somewhere along the line ADB over USB stopped working, WiFi and Bluetooth can no longer co-exist, the phone reboots when I get incoming calls from contacts with custom ringtones, etc. It was a tremendous volunteer effort that e
  12. I had to give up un-Googling the stock firmware as I couldn't remove GMS without the phone locking up on boot, so I gave this a spin. Thank you for your efforts on this, and for the detailed explanations as you go :) I put the SIM in and phone calls don't sem to work, either incoming and outgoing (SMS works though). Not sure if this is expected at this stage or if I should file a bug report. Another weird issue; when I changed the pattern lock to 5x5 grid, the lock screen grid was still 3x3 so I couldn't unlock it. It fixed itself on reboot though. A few questions: - at this sta
  13. Would it be possible to get an updated firmware with the November OTA update?
  14. I put mine on really badly, but still all but about 3 or 4 air bubbles disappeared over a few days. But as soon as I did it I was pretty annoyed with myself and bought some replacements straight away. I found these specifically for the Pro1, if anyone's interested (they also have an eBay store). If only I had waited a few days; they just emailed me with 15% for Black Friday (if anyone's interested, use the code BLACK15). That page also has a very detailed instruction video (if only I saw it beforehand there wouldn't be dust particles trapped inside). As far as using Windex or harsh cl
  15. Version numbers don't follow decimal number rules. They aren't a decimal number, as others have mentioned, but major.minor, or in the case of semantic versioning, major.minor.patch. Or really whatever a developer feels like, which hopefully maps to a coherent strategy.
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