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  1. Is Pro1 support MFBI(Multi-Frequency Band Indicator)?
  2. Sorry, I did not have enough words. Curve is OK. but,I want the display area to be FLAT. Because Screen Protector can cover all display area easy.
  3. wishes... 1) Support USB Power Delivery. (Quick Charge 3.0 is not compliant with Power Delivery.) 2) Flat Display (Curved edges is difficult to stick Screen Protector.) 3) Latest Snapdragon
  4. I want to use this phone in Japan. Please support Japan band (LTE and WCDMA B19). Moto Z2 force edition (for UK XT1789-06) is support this band. https://www.motorola.co.uk/products/moto-z-force-edition-gen-2
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