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  1. Not a fan of curved screen or the 2:1 screen. Would have preferred a flat screen with either 8:5 or 3:2 ratio that would have more lines when held in landscape(the main USP of the phone). Would still be getting one though..
  2. My love for hardware keyboard started when I was handed an old Nokia communicator for few days during my Symbian dev days for fixing defects in 2007. Think it was the 9300i but not completely sure. Shortly after that I'd another brief encounter with the Nokia E90 for work again. This time it was for few weeks and liked the keyboard a lot. Hated the need to open the phone like a box for the full keyboard but keyboard love was truly up. My list of phones with hardware keyboards based on ones I used since the E90: 1. Nokia E7 (Was my daily driver and dev phone and preferred this over the N8
  3. My concern is the battery more than the thickness as well. Battery consumption will be higher than on normal Android phones due to the additional hardware. I would have liked it to be around 4000mAh at the least even if it adds couple of mms more to the thickness.
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