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  1. I got my numbers mixed up. It is physically smaller in the long direction, but bigger in the width direction. I don't think it will fit in the Pro1 enclosure. It might still be usable to power a Pro1 if the original battery dies, but it wouldn't work with the phone all put together. We'd need a battery that is long and skinny, like the Pro1 battery, and then convert the cable to the right connector. This explains how they were able to cram so much power into such a small battery. They weren't! 🤣
  2. Sorry, I got my numbers mixed up. I believe these batteries are too wide for the Pro1X enclosure. An extension cable won't help these particular batteries fit. However, if we find a battery that will physically fit, then we might be able to make an extension/conversion cable between its connector type and the Pro1X (OPPO R17) connector type.
  3. Here is an OPPO R17 battery. That's my best guess at one that has the same connector as the Pro1X, going from a photo in another topic here. Blurry close-up of the connector for the above battery: Another one: And the connector: I think this will physically fit in the Pro1X, but the connector is in the wrong location. I'm guessing we'd need an extension cable to allow it to reach the Pro1X motherboard. If someone who has their Pro1X apart wants to buy the OPPO R17 and plug in the battery to see if it will power up the phone, that would be t
  4. From another topic on here, and thanks to @Whitey and @claude0001, I am guessing the Pro1X battery connector is the same as the OPPO R17 phone. Here is where I make my case for that match:
  5. Thanks @claude0001! Even though I read this thread, I somehow missed that photo! Here is what @Whitey posted. Here is the charging board I used for my Pro1 battery, with the Xiaomi MI 6 connector. I *think* the Pro1X connector may be the same as an OPPO R17. Here a close-up of both the motherboard end and battery end of the OPPO R17 connector: It looks similar to what @Whitey shows in his photo. Without being able to compare the actual sizes, we can't be sure. My educated guess says it is probably a match though.
  6. That's great news, @Casey. By antenna boards, do you mean the USB port boards? How do we order those? Good timing on this. Right before your message came through, I was able to piece together what I think the Pro1X connector is from a photo in another topic on here. I'll reply to that topic and include the information in this thread too.
  7. @origamihero - Here is my adventure with the pro1 battery. It wasn't a case of being overly depleted, but I did have to charge the battery outside the phone.
  8. I just saw this topic. For anyone who doesn't have the lab equipment, here is how I charged my Pro1 battery outside of the phone. @claude0001 - Any chance you can provide clear photos of the battery connector and the motherboard connector it plugs into? The connector on the Pro1 is the same as a Xiaomi MI 6. We don't yet know whether the Pro1X has the same connector. I can't tell from the photos in this topic. *nervously checks his Pro1X battery percentage*
  9. Also on this topic, I saw somewhere that people were soldering wireless charging receivers onto their USB PCB boards. That might be an option for pro1/1X owners whose USB port dies. I might consider doing that if I can find a USB board for another phone that has the same kind of 40 pin connector that the Pro1 board does. That way I don't risk ruining the Pro1 board completely if something goes wrong. I don't know how well the signal could be received through the Pro1 case, however. There are also antennas on the Pro1 USB board. I haven't looked up what they are for yet. I do kno
  10. The sunshine ss-909 model, which is what i originally wanted, but was going to take too long to arrive, does have two different input ports, and I believe one set allows for fast charging. However, I think you are supposed to only use that side if the pcb containing your battery port is made to be used with it. I did order one, but it will take some time to arrive. Note: No idea if it has a port that is compatible with the pro1 or pro1X. I will report back when I get it.
  11. Has anyone taken their pro1X apart yet? So we know the batteries aren't compatible, but not what makes them incompatible? Has fxtec stated why they made them incompatible? If the pro1X shuts down when the battery is low, will it not charge when off? It goes past the battery threshold? If so, I'll have to be very careful to never let it run down that low. This is frustrating. Does it happen every time someone let's it run down or rarely? The external chargers, with an activation feature, should be able to revive those batteries. But that would be a pain to take the phone
  12. So you are saying they sold out their strongest supporters in favor of the masses? 😁 I agree about most people not wanting to buy the Pro1X just for the extra RAM/storage. My purpose was to have a backup for the Pro1. And, as much as some of us grumble about design decisions and quality control, if fxtec stays in business, we'll probably still keep buying new phones they make -- at least until the competition for landscape (AKA "the correct way") keyboard phones creates something competitive. The astro-slide looked like it might be such a phone, but its problems seem even worse than the
  13. I was comparing the ports with the naked eye, and had to do some trial and error. I first tried the MI 8 port (this is for a Xiaomi MI 8 phone battery). That didn't seem to fit. Next, I tried the MI 6 port. The bar got in the way, so I flipped it around and when I was trying to figure out if I had gotten it connected, I noticed the charging board LED had lit up, showing voltage!! I grabbed an old USB charger that is limited to 1 amp. This charging board allegedly has an overcurrent protection mechanism where it will shut down if the current goes over 2 amps, but I didn't want t
  14. Purpose of topic: In the course of doing the above, my battery became depleted fully. This meant I needed a way to charge up the battery so that I could get the files off the phone. I looked online and found various gizmos that repair shops use. These generally consist of a USB powered board, often with LEDs showing the voltage and current, and a bunch of the wonderful (/sarcasm) proprietary connectors they started putting on these batteries after companies stopped making easily replaceable battery phones. I ordered 2 different makes/models of these boards. I didn't know which connec
  15. Background: My Pro1 USB port failed a little after a year of use. I ordered a replacement port online, took the old one off, and soldered the new one in its place, using very rudimentary tools. It worked better than the failed old one, but still wasn't as good as new. I don't remember the details. I think it required the USB cable to be inserted with a particular side up. Shortly after doing that, I received a replacement port and PCB from fxtec (it took a month and half to reach me after reaching out to them, I believe). The new one worked perfectly. I used that for over 2
  16. Thanks! I ordered 2 off there just now, for $40 total, including shipping to the USA. I *know* I ordered multiple screen protectors when I first got my pro1. I may have to order more, because I didn't come across them when looking through all the cases I ordered back then.
  17. Does this mean there is a way to set this parameter with an android app?
  18. Thank you for explaining that. I don't know if my pro1 is on the very latest firmware. I thought I kept getting bugged to upgrade something, but that might have been some other app related to rooting, not the firmware. It is in multiple pieces right now as I am fighting with charging its battery without a working usb port. I'll have to check on this after I get it more stable.
  19. I was probably one of those who complained about the shifted layout of the pro1, because it required my brain and thumbs to be rewired vs my previous phone keyboard. But I have to believe a lot of pro1x buyers were pro1 owners. At that point, I wouldn't have switched the keyboard layout, because people are already used to the old layout. Maybe there are fewer touch typers out there than i thought. If people are looking at the keys and typing slow, then it probably wouldn't bother them. It is what it is, but it is going to take some time for my brain to switch, and I won't be able to
  20. What kind of flashing do they need? Is this the bit about having it on the stock firmware? And does that have to be an older version or can it be any version?
  21. Does anyone have a links to sources for replacement screens/frames? I clicked on many listed in previous messages and each showed the parts unavailable. Thanks, David
  22. Has anyone in this thread received the design files for the usb pcb and priced out what it would cost to have it fabricated?
  23. Hello @Casey. How do we order the above parts for the pro1?
  24. I used to be more in the know on this stuff, but I've been away from it for a while. How is the above different from how rooting works on stock Android? My memory was that the developers in charge of LOS weren't going to allow for rooting, because they felt it would lead to too many defects being reported that were due to messing up the system when rooted vs true bugs in LOS. This is dealing with 2 year old memory cells (memory cells in my brain), so I could have remembered incorrectly.
  25. Does the LOS firmware still not allow for rooting? That is what kept me away from it in the past.
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