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  1. Update on LOS21. Seems pretty good, not too much different from 20, as in it looks and feels the same. Not totally convinced that reception or battery life is much improved but I'm not sorry I made the upgrade.
  2. Oh wait... Hang on one cotton-pickin minute... When in the bootloader my device is not seen as an adb device, but is seen as a fastboot device. Finished! I just needed an old usb-c 2.0 cable and it looks like I was asking the wrong questions. When in the bootlader the phone isn't an adb device, it's a fastboot device, so searching for adb devices won't turn anything up anyway... All this time I was just asking the wrong questions. I'm gonna update my earlier post from last year where I didn't tell myself what was going on. Sorry for the spam.
  3. Since the last install of LOS20 my pc has been upgraded so I no longer have any 'bad' USB ports, they are all 3.1. However I do have another PC which is not quite so advanced as this one, hopefully it will have a few USB 2.0 ports I can make use of... After a little digging I've found that the 8 pin configuration of USB 3+ makes it bad for adb in fastboot mode, which prefers USB 2 with it's 4 pin connection. I'll try it out tomorrow and get back to ya.
  4. Ah crap, having problems getting adb to list my device in Fastboot mode again. I had this problem last time and spent days getting round it, I've just been reading over my old posts seing if I actually detailed a fix but my posts say "I have this problem...." Then the next one says "After days of fiddling I've got it to work!" without actually saying what I did. Damn you past me... Damn you.
  5. Can it be true? Does this include Mindthe Gapps? I'll give it a try and let you all know the results. Will take a while so don't expect me back on here too soon.
  6. Er... ah... um... oh. Well... Guess I'll stick to 20 for now then. Unless user data helps development of an official LOS 21 build? I'm liking Kzin's words about LOS 21 and being tempted... Mmmmm - signal- mMMMmmm- Battery life. Tasty.
  7. If I install and try out this unofficial Lineage OS 21, will I have to reinstall it again when it becomes official? Or is the "Official" part simply a matter of testing and language? In other words, should I spend a few frustrating days shouting at my computer and phone, only to have to do it again in a month or two? Or should I go ahead and install this, knowing the version on my phone will be official when the website says so?
  8. Hiya folks! Selling my qwerty keyboard Pro1x with standard Android OS. EDIT: SOLD! I'm looking for £250 ideally, will post anywhere in the world at cost to buyer. It has been used for a month or so but is in near mint condition, it also has a personally modified book style case to keep it nice and safe. Unfortunately the phone has all ofthe problems associated with the Pro1x. Thanks and take care Andy
  9. Hiya folks So, I've got a Pro1X with all of the Pro1X issues that I wish to sell. The box has been opened but the device is in near mint condition with a custom book style case that I made for it. Anyone have any idea what the current going rate is for one of these? Will follow with pictures shortly. Thanks Andy
  10. Hmm, is the silence driven by lack of contribution by the consumers? Or lack of replies by the support team? I guess I'll find out, I've just bought a pay as you go sim which I'll use for continued testing for a few days. Not seen telegram before and thought it would be a bit more in depth than it is, it's just a messaging service. I offered to send my phone to them so they could reproduce the fault and do some debugging, Francisco said no, not yet.
  11. I did contact F(x)tec and got a reply super quick. Fransisco seems to be the guy that always gets back to me, he's been very helpful so far, selling me a new battery and the very last USB-C module for the Pro1. Here was the reply: Hi Andy, Yes we have reports of some conectivity issues which are being troubleshooted. I invite you to join the Beta group at : https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3644-pro1-x-beta-test-scheme-for-android-os/ for further talks with developers and other users. Best Regards, Francisco I hope this is helpful to some people and perhaps g
  12. Hiya folks At the risk of just being another voice in the choir, I too had dodgy LTE connectivity. I use EE in the UK and while using the Pro1X people could rarely hear my voice and calls would often be dropped, it got a bit better when I went outside into the back yard. Yesterday I switched back to my Pro1 and made a couple of tester calls from exactly the same locations in my house as I had experienced problems with the Pro1X and calls were perfect, the people on the other end even immediately remarked on how much better they could hear me. I've read quite a lot of this t
  13. Hiya Gordon I have DM'd you as I have a Pro1X to sell from the UK.
  14. Hiya folks I recently changed the battery in my Pro1 but noticed no improvement upon charge capacity, (I didn't know you can check the battery health). I therefore believe my old battery to be ok health-wise, only one problem... Likle a clumsy lump I accidentally ripped the connector from the end of the ribbon cable. Anyone want the battery for the price of postage? **Edit** Battery has now been claimed and is no longer available. Thanks for your interest.
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