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  1. Hmm, is the silence driven by lack of contribution by the consumers? Or lack of replies by the support team? I guess I'll find out, I've just bought a pay as you go sim which I'll use for continued testing for a few days. Not seen telegram before and thought it would be a bit more in depth than it is, it's just a messaging service. I offered to send my phone to them so they could reproduce the fault and do some debugging, Francisco said no, not yet.
  2. I did contact F(x)tec and got a reply super quick. Fransisco seems to be the guy that always gets back to me, he's been very helpful so far, selling me a new battery and the very last USB-C module for the Pro1. Here was the reply: Hi Andy, Yes we have reports of some conectivity issues which are being troubleshooted. I invite you to join the Beta group at : https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3644-pro1-x-beta-test-scheme-for-android-os/ for further talks with developers and other users. Best Regards, Francisco I hope this is helpful to some people and perhaps g
  3. Hiya folks At the risk of just being another voice in the choir, I too had dodgy LTE connectivity. I use EE in the UK and while using the Pro1X people could rarely hear my voice and calls would often be dropped, it got a bit better when I went outside into the back yard. Yesterday I switched back to my Pro1 and made a couple of tester calls from exactly the same locations in my house as I had experienced problems with the Pro1X and calls were perfect, the people on the other end even immediately remarked on how much better they could hear me. I've read quite a lot of this t
  4. Hiya Gordon I have DM'd you as I have a Pro1X to sell from the UK.
  5. Hiya folks I recently changed the battery in my Pro1 but noticed no improvement upon charge capacity, (I didn't know you can check the battery health). I therefore believe my old battery to be ok health-wise, only one problem... Likle a clumsy lump I accidentally ripped the connector from the end of the ribbon cable. Anyone want the battery for the price of postage? **Edit** Battery has now been claimed and is no longer available. Thanks for your interest.
  6. Hiya folks As the title says, I have a spare USB-C module up for grabs. The only problem is that it has a faulty microphone. I had the USB-C port repaired (so that part is lovely and new) and when it came back, I put it into my phone and nobody could hear me when I made calls, nor could I record my voice. So if someone wants it, you can have it for the cost of postage. Please DM me if you're interested. Thanks Andy *Edit - The part has now been claimed.*
  7. Finally got the USB-C port repaired on my Pro1 and it's now up and running on Lineage OS 20.0. I'm loving it so far, that notification LED settings thing is an absolute dream, the text and icon sizing is lovely, the darker look is far more to my taste, I can also be heard on phone calls again... Looks like the Pro1 is replacing my Pro1X as daily driver.
  8. Oooh! Is that a thing in Lineage for the Pro1?! Sweet, I'll take a look as soon as the USB-C port gets back from the repair shop. Thanks 🙂
  9. Hiya David I began having some problems with the Pro1: Mic wouldn't work when using as a phone, had to use speaker mode. Also my USB charging port starting wearing out, I had to put a weight on the cable to make the connection, even then it was insecure and prone to stop charging occasionally. Also my minijack port starting misbehaving, (I use that a lot as I'm a sound engineer). So from F(x)tec I bought a new minijack port and their very last USB-C module, which also has the microphone on it. I installed the two new parts and the phone worked great, I could make calls and talk
  10. Hiya folks Where would I ask about adding a functionality to the Lineage OS 20 for the Pro1? I have installed lineage on my old Pro1 device to see what it's like and it's good, but it's missing 1 very useful tool: Lighting up the indicator LED to tell me I have messages without me needing to activate my device. I have read a couple of threads that mention 3rd party Apps like Light Manger 2, but I'd rather it be an in built thing, like it used to be.
  11. I was going to start another thread with my own experiences thus far with the Pro1X, but figured it's be better to share with one that already exists... I have had the Pro1 for the past couple of years and I loved it, it had flaws and bits eventually stopped working (Minijack socket and USB-C socket) but overall I love the device. So this is more of a comparison than a top to bottom review. On the Pro1 the keyboard was awesome, GPS was great, having a minijack port as a sound engineer is mega handy, messages were perfect and, once the various modules were replaced; people could hear
  12. So... Quick question becuase this thread seems to have gone off on tangents Is this release of Lineage OS 20 stable and useable on the Pro1x? P.S. For what it's worth I've been running my Pro1x on the stock Android OS as my daily driver for more than a week now and it's been absolutely fine. No signal strength issues, no random drop outs, it's perfectly fine. If I were to be picky I would say that I'd like the corner LED to behave the same as the Pro1 used to, but that's it.
  13. Thanks MonCon, I've read that whole thread, I think it's partially useful in that it tells me that the Pro1x will never have the same notification light function that I previously had, unless a version of Lineage gives the option, or that "Light Manager" may work by happenstance. Am gonna move over to Lineage soon with the Pro1x anyway so we'll see how that turns out. Thanks folks.
  14. Ooooh, the double tap thing may be culpable if my phone is set to "double power button tap = camera". I have had the phone open to clean/replace parts, but the problem existed long before that, been living with it for a while now. I have a USB-C port being repaired that I'm going to put in, I'll clean the button when I do that and get back to ya.
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