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  1. Hey thanks friend 🙂 I am glad to see some people enjoy it. I still dig the concept and wish the best for fxtec (they did get my money in any case!). But yes, significant problems with execution was my experience. I wouldn't! even though it is (IMO) a poor phone, it is still a unique little device. The screen was already dead from the drop (it would flash on for a second then total black) so I felt free to release my frustration krakatoa/wrestler style ha
  2. As a longtime physical keyboard lover I waited with a lot of anticipation for the Pro1. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, January 2020, when the $650 I spent on the phone seemed the most ridiculous, the phone arrived. Nevertheless, I was excited and immediately unboxed. Right away I had such a miserable and frustrating time applying the screen protector. Never had such a pain with other phones but no matter what I did countless bubbles and dust particles made the final product look like total crap. The whole sheet ended up crumpled in a mess in the garbage can. This would set the tone of my entire experience with the Fxtec Pro1. I am here now to vent - I really towed the line to friends and family for awhile. I really wanted to LOVE this phone. Now it is broken in two pieces in a trash can and I am back on my old G5. The Good aka Not a lot of meat on this bone. - The keyboard is cool when you finally are in a position to use it - Good battery life - AMOLED display looks nice I wish I could say more. This is all that comes to mind. The Bad aka Total UX Death by a thousand clunky cuts. - The curved screen edges. Jesus god, this one design 'feature' is probably the main reason I am done with this phone. The accidental touches are CONSTANT. Forget using the phone one handed unless you can palm a basketball. Yes, it is possible to hold the phone without touching the screen but it is not intuitive and 9/10 times your natural hold will be an issue. They also make opening the phone's keyboard even more difficult. - Accidental touches. In addition to the touches from the curved screen edges I am CONSTANTLY hitting buttons with my cheek during calls. I have never had another phone with this issue. Its like it just randomly decides to activate the touchscreen. Speaker, Mute, whatever my cheek grazes. - Big and heavy. The price for the physical keyboard. I knew there would be some bulk from the keyboard but I saw the specs and did not expect it to be that big a problem. Sitting next to any other phone it is pretty dramatic. This compounds with the awkward way you have to hold it thanks to the curved edges; you really notice the heft. - Accidentally button presses. The wake button is dead center along the right hand edge of the phone. So the natural place you'd hold the phone one handed, and a number of other instances (like getting leverage to open the keyboard) causes you to frequently hit the button. - Software is clunky. Frequently had issues where the keyboard would stop working & had to reset the phone. When the phone is in landscape with the keyboard open, you could only wake the device with the keyboard sometimes. Other times, you had to reach behind for the sleep button, swipe open, resume your task. The stock camera app is grotesque. - The UX for opening the keyboard is awful. Mechanically the design seems solid enough but the action itself is like opening a mouse trap. With one hand it is a difficult and perilous maneuver at best. Even with two hands you always have to be "holding on" or the phone is likely to jump away from you. The above constantly pokes at you, slowly but surely making you miserable. Today, the phone fell from about 2 ft (box spring+mattress) to the floor. The edge of the screen cracked pretty good and with it, my patience for the phone. I tore it in half and threw it away. No, I don't typically do that to my phones. Yes, it was cathartic. I am sorry FXtec, I will still be looking at the Pro2 if it ever exists. But I no longer us the Pro1. Thanks for letting me vent everyone, -
  3. Just received an email update. "not likely to ship the pre-orders until early october". Waiting is such sweet sorrow. My current phone is on its last legs! Hurry up guys!
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