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  1. Thanks for info, Im going to look at Total Launcher. And will also check what type of launcher I have used at my last qwerty phone Motorola Photon Q. I worked like a charm with keyboard and widget. Change name of topic - no problem.
  2. Now I understand well, that is feature... Thak you for explanation. Its bad message for me. Too small space to see at agenda what to do next days...
  3. Thank you. I have smallest fonts and text sizes at display settings. Space at screen is 5x8 icons. Lot of space is bellow widget. I cannot do it even on another empty screen. Its something about "maximum height" of widget.. I have tested it again and any widget (even google calendar, dialer...) cannot be higher than 4 icons (which is maximum landescape size). (And yes, I have restarted phone.)
  4. Im used to have agenda widget at home screen 6 rows high (portrait mode). Im using Pure calendar widget (or widget form aCalendar+). Im not able to make it higher than 4 rows... Is it due to size limitation of landscape? Or some launcher optimalizations?
  5. You have true - we have two options - original keyboard (but shifted) with US prints or QWERTZ keyboard (non-shifted) with some prints, that we do not need. Now I preffer option two due to non-shited physical layout (Im Czech). I could be fine to persuade designers to think about more international prints on QWERTZ version. Everybod form IT, could accept it better than local types. I hope, that we could see keyboard layouts before final order.
  6. I vote for 4 - to have keyboard for all users, who want QWERTZ layout. Not all are German, bul lot of us are guys from IT. And everybody form IT know what CRTL, ALT, ESC... is but only few of us have strg, eing on keyboards. It doesnt mather if its uppercase or lowercase. I hope, that F(x)tec is going to build international product and we all can accept some non-local (but internationaly understad) keys.
  7. What is final QWERTY layout? Im not satified with one column of symobols on left side between "tab" key and "Q" key...
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