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  1. So Jealous!!!!!!!! Have lots of fun and let us know how well it all works! 😉 Merry Xmas o you! 🙂
  2. The reality is we have all been in circles. Yep we all had to pay and wait longer than expected and I have to admit it vexed me when, even a small number of devices, were sent out to be sold. As a business they need to do this or they will break a relationship with sellers of the Pro1 and future handsets (we are all hoping for). @PanicBrothers I think you raised some fair points and transparency is very important and I am happy that you got the phone and are giving an honest look into how you enjoy using it. I get other users want to also say how they don't mind the wait etc, however, one
  3. Also in the UK Clove sale the phone for the same cost as F(x)tec but no delivery charge... And you can not purchase without it being in stock (so no unneeded waiting). 🙂
  4. Honestly.... This hurts!!!! I can not believe that they have taken this opportunity to send to sellers and just forget about the pre-orders. The phone looks amazing but... I think my F(x)tec journey is over...
  5. As always mr @Erik thank you for the update! I will keep my fingers crossed for my assigned email when batch 3 makes it way out! Also will keep an eye open for the PR email. Thank you! 🙂 As I am UK based I am happy to pop into the warehouse and collect my handset to make it easier! Lol (Serious though)
  6. Dear Lawd please tell me that is fake news! More important did you vote?
  7. Thank you! 🙂 I hope you are having fun with the new handset. I am sure your shift keys and shortcuts will be making sense soon! Also LOVE the first song! Lol. You got me super excited for mine now! 🙂
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may be in this batch......... I am getting a little excited! 😉
  9. I was not trying to suggest that he was a liar as such. I agree with you and unfortunately as he is the member of the FxTec team that responds and updates (is on the front line with customers) he is the reference when it comes to the messages of its coming this month, nope next month etc. When I say Erik it is in reference to the rest of the FxTec team passing on genuine information for him to share. I can only imagine that in regards to giving customer updates on the forum he will need to get correct information from relevant teams. Personally I now feel a bit more like the covering
  10. I think we have all been feeling this for a while. And I know its easy for me to say as I am feeling like there is a good chance of me getting a phone in January. But just remmeber that Erik is now responding with information more regular and is being honest. WE need to hold on for that last push and all being well and good there will be a great rteaction to the phone and more to follow,. I am not gonna lie the delivery and manufacturing and time frames have been disastrous to be honest but I believe the company is starting to learn more from this and are so gonna take it into their conti
  11. I guess the main thing is that now we are getting updates and honest time slots and no more silence! Exactly what we have asked for and now we are all able to get Giddy at the thought of our New Phones for Early 2020! 🙂 Whoop! 🙂
  12. Go @Erik with the updates! Whoop! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂
  13. 103** I was not a backer/IGG I am based in the UK and paid 2 weeks after the request. My Initial Reservation (I think)was placed in March I hope that helps @Swond I hope that helps you a little. In reality I will not get a stock assigned message probably till the end of next week and will no doubt be week 2 of January when I get my bad boy. Do not fear though I will keep you all updated and probably spam all the forums lol.
  14. Well I am due to be placed in Next weeks shipment and will let you know how all is when I get my phone and which apps I find helpful/good. It will probably be crossword games and Excel spreadsheets! Lol! Thank you for all the help anyways. 🙂
  15. @EskeRahn In regards to the Office Suite is their a reason we are not all about Microsoft.... Again please understand I am not a great Techie its just I am used to using this software and want to make sure I can work on the go also. You are a star!!! and why are there no little training videos from you!?
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