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  1. If I remember correctly, I had the white blank screen problem before, and solved it by clearing storage for the update app in Android Settings.
  2. Does the archiver thing deserve its own thread, do you think, or is it AICP-specifc?
  3. @tdm Is the AICP discord the only place for bug reports and feature requests for AICP in general (i.e. not Pro1-specific)? I'm more used to something structured like github issues.
  4. I think you might be right. Has anyone seen this since the April 2020 update on other devices?
  5. I now think this problem might not be due to Wireless Update itself, but some wider change in the 20200620 update. This is because I have seen increased notifications from three other apps, which I'm sure weren't happening prior to this update. In particular, these were Tor Browser, Handy News Reader, and Etar. The behaviour is similar, in that a notification from these apps appears for a couple of seconds then disappears, with nothing of substance in the notification itself. In the case of Tor Browser, the notification icon is the exact same plain circle that Wireless Update shows (the o
  6. But only the OP could update the first post, so an actual wiki might be better.
  7. Unfortunately the notifications appear to be unmutable.
  8. It's annoying cos it looks like a messaging app notification, and often appears when I check my phone to see, for example, if I have a message! I notice that it still appears if I set it to check for updates weekly or monthly. Also, the option to untick these notifications in Settings, Apps, etc. is greyed-out. I guess I could Force Stop the app, but would have to do so every time I rebooted, which would be a pain. The option to Disable the app is also greyed out 😞
  9. Hi. Since installing the 20200620 update, I've noticed a Wireless Update notification (a plain circle) often popping up for a few seconds then disappearing. It seems to appear pretty much each time the Pro1 gets internet access - i.e. turning off and turning on Wi-Fi can trigger it. I've never had this behaviour in all previous updates. Wireless Update is set to check Daily. Has anyone else seen this too? Is it likely to be draining my battery unnecessarily? Any ideas how to stop this? EDIT: Not just Wireless Update.
  10. I've also got this one (the only glass one I could find that had curved edges) and have had it on for a month and it seems fine. Nice glass feel, and it's nice that it goes over the curves so you don't feel an edge when swiping from those sides. It is important you get it lined up correctly though. If it is rotated at all, it will peel up from the corners as I understand it. I managed to avoid that, thankfully. Recommend.
  11. Is it actually glass? I.e. does it have a nice feel for swipes?
  12. How has this protector been over the last month?
  13. I've been researching curved glass screen protectors for other phones (like Samsung Galaxy S9), and although they do exist they have mixed reviews, e.g. they only stick on the edges and so can easily pop off. EDIT: Also, most of them recommend that the user turns on "touch sensitivity" in the phone advanced settings otherwise it will miss taps... but the Pro1 has no such setting. Not for the first time I wish our phone had non-curved edges. Do people here have experience with curved glass screen protectors for other phones they can share?
  14. I've got the same Brotect Flex screen protector and am also not very happy with it, mainly the gummy feeling when you swipe your finger on it. I usually like the Brotect Airglass protectors, which have a nice glass feeling, but they don't make that for a curved edge screen. Are there any glass screen protectors with curved edges for our device?
  15. Aha, resizing in portrait only seems to work if display size is set to small in Android Settings. It doesn't work if set to default. Annoying that it only allows three split ratios (roughly 30:70, 50:50, 70:30), rather than allowing a free choice.
  16. I think Alt to bring up emojis only works with Gboard. It doesn't work with Swiftkey and doesn't work with AnySoftKeyboard either. I don't know if there's a way to make it work with any keyboard.
  17. I can't get apps to resize in portrait either. I can drag the slider, but when I release it snaps back to the middle.
  18. I don't know if this is a restriction in stock Android 9, but in my previous Android 7 phone, I could drag the divider between apps in split screen to resize them. So instead of 50:50 I could have 60:40. This doesn't seem to work on the Pro1. Anyone know why, or know a fix?
  19. Very often, for me the Home button (middle circle) seems to act as if I pressed the Overview button (top/right square). Also opening/closing the keyboard often brings up the Overview screen. Anyone else seeing this?
  20. My Sony Xperia Pro worked like this, so it's certainly doable in Android.
  21. I was wondering if anyone else can confirm they see the following behaviour: The "Landscape orientation lock" setting, in Settings, Slider, seems to have an unexpected and undesirable side effect. At least, unexpected by and undesirable to me! That is, with that setting off, the virtual keyboard will always pop up when a text field is clicked, even if the physical keyboard is open. This happens whether the phone is in portrait or landscape. For extra info, I was experimenting with having "Lansdscape orientation lock" off, and found it useful, for example, for using physical keyb
  22. Yes, I noticed the bad writing on that page, which is the AdUps Wireless Update thing.
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