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  1. Thanks very much for the offer. I managed to get the Pro 1 to charge a bit by holding the power cable at a particular angle, for long enough that I could get my data off it, so I'm OK now.
  2. Hi, I hope this doesn't count as a hijack, but I'm in a similar situation where I need to get some files off my old Pro1 as a one-off process but the USB port is dead. I see that I can buy a Mi 6 battery for about £7 - do you think they're likely to come with some charge (as I won't be able to recharge it!)? If it did, I would hope it would last long enough for me to do the retrieval, and also do a factory wipe afterwards. Alternatively, is anyone willing to loan me a replacement Pro1 USB PCB? Happy to pay a few GBP for postage to me and back again!
  3. Thanks. It surprises me that they fail in exactly the same position - the horizontal line approximately one third up from the bottom, when held in portrait.
  4. I've never heard of such a consistently failing screen on any other phone. Does anyone know if the Elephone that shares the same screen has the same issue?
  5. I had the ghost touches problem one year ago and replaced the screen with one from Aliexpress. One year later and now that replacement screen has started showing the same symptoms. I think I'm done with this phone
  6. I get no response from the keys when using the built-in test software (the one you get when you click the build number multiple times).
  7. I don't seem to have either an advanced option or an option to view recovery.log. Remember that I'm on stock.
  8. I'm not sure how I would do that? One reason I think it's hardware is because at first the problem was intermittent, and pressing the key harder seemed to work, but now it doesn't work no matter how hard I press. I'll open it up at some point, when it's less hot!
  9. Both the left and right Ctrl keys don't respond on my Pro1 😢. I'm on stock Android 9, and I'm pretty sure this is a hardware rather than software problem. All other keys are fine. Any ideas what to look for? I'm happy to open it up.
  10. The Elephone U and Elephone U Pro use the exact same screen, so either is good.
  11. Thanks both. It is indeed the metal bracket that holds the camera button in place. It turns out that the button is missing too - I hadn't noticed as I never use it! 😞
  12. I agree that it doesn't seem to appear in the official service manual, but that manual has a few minor differences with the actual device.
  13. I opened up my Pro1 in order to reconnect the fingerprint cable. After I put it back together, I found this little bit of metal (about 4mm long) on my work area. I assume this came out of the Pro1. I found it quite hard to open up the phone so don't relish doing it again just for "fun", so I wondered if anyone had any idea what it's for and if it's very important!
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