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  1. I can already tell you from memory that the Pro1 does not support all of T-Mobile's bands.
  2. I wasn't interested in a replacement app for messaging, and (after some troubleshooting attempts) Google Fi's support concluded that the Pro1 isn't supported. I ended up simply switching to T-Mobile, which activated without any problems. That was back on the 5th, and I haven't had any issues with T-Mobile so far (other than their poor coverage in my area).
  3. So, an update for Google Fi: I went to try to make the APN changes suggested by Hook, but those settings were not available for the Google Fi network; the option to change APNs is simply not available for that network. So on a hunch, I decided to try making calls and sending texts. - I can make and receive calls - I can send and receive SMS texts (but they come through with extra garbage characters added to the end - I cannot receive MMS texts (pictures etc.), but I can send them That's the status as of now. The phone mostly works, but the Google Fi app does not (so no account management) and you can't receive MMS texts.
  4. Just FYI: Google Fi auto-switches between 3 networks in the US: T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular.
  5. Unfortunately, this will not solve the problem. The steps linked are for activating a Google Fi SIM without a Fi-compatible device, so that the "account will be activated and the sim can be used in any GSM device compatible with T-Mobile's network from then on." However, my SIM was activated long ago (with my Fi-supported Nexus 5X), and the exact thing that I tried to do was use my activated SIM in a GSM device compatible with T-Mobile's network (i.e. the Pro1). That is precisely what did not work.
  6. I tried to activate my Pro1 on Google Fi (using my SIM from my currently active Nexus 5X) and received error ID B042. I contacted Google support and they informed me that the Pro1 is not supported by Google Fi and will not work on their network. So if you have Google Fi and you want to keep it, this is not the phone for you.
  7. I'd like to have root access on the Pro1, but I don't want to install an alternative OS like LineageOS or SailfishOS. Is there currently a way to accomplish this?
  8. Has anyone tried the Pro1 on Google Fi yet?
  9. What does the term "mule" mean in this context?
  10. Received mine yesterday at 4PM. Waiting on some more testimonials from Google Fi subscribers or rooting procedures before I break the seal.
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