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  1. I was too quick in announcing the success :(. After I had success with old Yubikey NEO I bought a new Yubikey 5C NFC (NEO is not capable to hold my PGP keys) and that don't work no matter the position of the tap (I spent a nice day trying today, so I'm sure). Since it works on other phone and other tags work on Pro1X there is no room for other explanation that the NFC field is as bad on Pro1X as other radio - wifi and gsm. I wonder if it's because of the metalic body of the phone and if yes then if changing it for a plastic one would help. I would gladly sacrifice design for functionality alth
  2. I got all tags working after a hint here about the placement and I can confirm that the phone is very picky about the location - the tags were read only when placed on the camera sensor or very close to it according to their own position of the antenna. That's the trick.
  3. Have anyone successfully used some NFC tag or gadget on Pro1X? I have tried using Yubikey NEO that's working on another phone via OpenKeychain and when it was not working I have tried some plain NFC tag with URL and none of them worked. I have tried puttin it to all possible places on the phone but nothing. NFC is turned on in settings so I don't know what may be wrong...
  4. I've requested a refund and it was handled in a timely manner so at least this still works. I was reluctant to do it but I simply can't do business with someone I don't trust at all. I still wish the company the best and I wish everybody with better nerves to receive their phones soon. I still would do everything I can to support creation of physical keyboard phone but without requiring my trust now. The only thing I can think of is promissing to buy that phone when it's generally available. Heck, I can also promise that I will pay the phone if they send it to me according to my original order
  5. Since I requested cancelation I can finaly write here what I really think. What everyone who has been cheated at least once in their life learns is, that there actually is a logical reason to persistently and deliberately miscomunicate. That reason is when the truth is so bad that any miscomunication, no matter how bad, is still better then the truth. Although I had my opinion on fxtec because of this knowledge I have not canceled my order as I have considered it a risky investment - high risk, high reward. However I find latest development as a final stage of this endeavor. Again, it seems il
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