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  1. For a few weeks, I haven't been able to do umlauts with my QWERTY keyboard and sticky keys did not work anymore. I have tried many things to fix it, but nothing worked. Uninstalling KDEconnect actually did it. I have sticky keys, again, and can do umlauts with "Sym". Thanks for the tip! Do I understand it correctly that this has to do with the "accessibility" bug that periodically pops up in the LineageOS 18.1 thread?
  2. I'm also gonna hijack this thread and ask: Is it possible for me to long press certain keys for accents/umlauts? (E.g.: long press 'o' for 'ö') I have looked through some input settings and, after finding this thread, installed SwiftKey, which has some more settings, but still not this feature. If that's not possible: any other chance to get accented letters and umlauts usable? Also, for me, it worked out of the box after installing and setting SwiftKey. It recognized the physical keyboard and upon 'space' while typing it autocorrected the word I typed. Take
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