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  1. Will it be possible to control the phone with keyboard? I am just thinking because that is my biggest problem with BB Key series. The keyboard is only for writing (and you have to tap on screen to write first..). Plus starting apps with the right launcher or using speed key. Even E7 was possible to control with keyboard (but not everything like BB Classic, but mostly everything). Or the Android is problem here?
  2. I can see on the video of Elephone that I really does not want curved screen. You can see a black background but on the sides, it is very light because it reflect all the light from around. If there is option to make the width of the phone lower so the curved part of screen does shows nothing, that would eliminate all the problems of curved screen. At least for me :D. And that is just software thing.
  3. For a small company and low production volume, the price seems OK - you cannot compare it with OnePlus and others big companies. KEY2 costs similar price, it has bad form factor, worst keyboard from all Blackberries I have used (Q10, Classic, Passport), bad keyboard integration, closed android without any possible changes (no root, not possible to unlock bootloader) and as unhappy user of Key2 LE, I can continue for a long time :(. And that is reason why I want Pro1 and cannot afford it now, I cannot buy two expensive smartphone during one year. And it would be impossible to sell k2 in my co
  4. It would be great if the keys map can be changed. That way you can have qwerty, qwertz, azerty and whatever you want. That is stupidly impossible with blackberry android phone.. I do not care about printing, after a few days of use, I do not look at keys.
  5. Non-replacable batteries = thinner phone which is what most people wants (dunno why O.o, for me, thin phone is hard to hold). AND Non-replaceable batteries = when battery is dead, most people buy a new phone and not battery. Only some replace the battery in service for a big price. And only a few has no problem replace the battery by themself.. So it is profitable for manufacturer.
  6. Yes, you can install BB HUB on nonbb android phone. But to be a real Hub like on BB10, you have to rewrite android part of notifications and all the apps patch to this. Impossible. Android Hub is just email client (and not very good one) with reading notifications from other apps and showing them. You cannot reply to facebook messenger from hub like on BB10, it just starts facebook messenger app. What is the difference from android notification? I have disable all the BB apps that were possible to disable, also all google apps on my k2le. And I am still unhappy with the phone, bad OS and bad
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