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  1. 10 minutes ago, Hook said:

    Google Maps does fine with my location, but I had to agree to allow it to use location services or whatever they call it.  It was a pop-up that showed up when I hit the locate icon.  I'm using  Open Gapps, but I wouldn't expect that to make a difference.

    Thanks. Yes, I also agreed to location services. But my phone often loses GPS fix and is usually clueless about where it is (maybe it's a good thing so nobody's tracking me? 😁)

    I had OpenGapps on the Q Beta, and also tried OpenGapps with this fresh AICP R install. Didn't make a difference, couldn't make SafetyNet nor GPS work with either of them.

    I'm now suspicious of the issue discussed here: 

    But, I don't know how to change this file on my phone. Having Magisk installed, it seems I do not have a straightforward /system mountpoint? 🧐

  2. Hey guys, I'm having an issue with location. I already had the same problem on AICP Q beta. (Beta also had an issue with notifications. Most apps' notifications never played a sound or vibrated, this is now working on AICP R).

    I can't reliably get my location on Google Maps and other apps that depend on Google's location services infrastructure. I've already gone through all of the location settings and permissions to no avail.

    It seems that apps that communicate directly with the GPS work OK.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? Is AICP's standard behaviour to not allow location to work?

    My setup:

    * AICP 16.1 - 20211110 build
    * MindTheGappas 20210920 build
    * Magisk 23.0 with Props Config, Riru and safetynetfix
    * Props set up to simulate a Google Pixel 5 with Android 11

    Help needed... Thanks in advance!

  3. @Rob. S.: Thanks for this thread. Your summary worked perfectly for me, I'm currently just battling with getting SafetyNet  ctsProfile to pass.

    I too replaced my screen but somewhat botched the job, so another screen is on the way from China.

    Is there any possibility that someone could extract the "capacitive sensor firmware upgrade" part from the stock ROM so that when my new screen arrives I don't have to factory reset and reinstall the stock ROM all over again? Or tell me how to do it and I'd go about extracting the thing myself.

    I believe others wouls also benefit from this.



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  4. On 6/28/2021 at 7:33 AM, agent008 said:

    Whatsapp notifications don't make any sound for me.

    Update on this. I use FairEmail as my email client. Also doesn't play any notification sounds.

    I use QkSMS for texts and it's notifications work fine.

    Whatsapp calls do work - phone plays repeatedly the sound that was meant to be played for incoming messages.

    Did anybody have the same problem?

  5. I chose a particularly bad example nthat was easy at hand. Many times my pictures seem to have a varying focus inside the picture. I will try to find some more examples to post, would be nice to have others' opinions as I might be biased by what I read here at the forum.

    With Open Camera I always had to set the manual focus to a distance which was totally different than the real distance between the phone and the phto subject.

    So, I'm not sure anymore whether there's a software bug when talking to the camera hardware where the focus distances are not interpreted/calculated correctly; whether I have a misaligned lens; or both.

  6. On 4/13/2021 at 6:07 PM, Scoopy said:

    I don't know why people are saying the Pro1's camera is not good, judging from these photos this is more than perfect for me.

    It's because some people are getting to take only out of focus photos, like I am. 😩

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  7. Oh man. It must be that my camera is kaputt. (Maybe from the beginning?) I never could figure out how to get the camera to focus properly. All my shots are ridiculous, as if I was using a 2004 VGA phone camera 🤦‍♂️

    Example: Taken of my new toy and my youngest feline from inside the garage. Such a garbage focus.


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  8. oh no! I should've asked around before jumping ship to AICP. I'm liking it too. Battery life's great. I hope all's well with @tdm , that this might be temporary, and that he keeps doing his great work on the ROM.

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  9. The Fxtec signature didn't work for me. That's why I chose the Sony one.

    EDIT: Well, of course, I ran the props command and it showed the current signature my device had. I compared it to the Pro1 key available from the list and found out they were the same. So I didn't confirm the changes and tried safetynet and Gpay, both failed.

    Maybe if I had confirmed the props script (even though signatures were the same between current and new one), it would have worked? On the surface it seemed nothing was being changed, but maybe the script would still change something even if confirming with the same Pro1 key.

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  10. I took the plunge and installed AICP Q yesterday (coming from LOs 17).

    I can't however check for updates. Did I do something wrong?

    EDIT: It means I'm now on the Feb 6th 2021 version. Checking for updates gives the error message below (Failure while trying to check for updates. Please check your Internet connection and try again later)




  11. I have also been facing focus woes with the camera. Unfortunately didn't have time to test as @Jacob_S did., I only really use the camera when my wife's phone isn't available (battery died or left phone somewhere) and she wants to take pictures. Other than that only the odd document or work things, with some effort I can focus (involves distancing/approaching the phone to the object instead of relying on the camera focusing).

    Thank you @Jacob_S for the effort. Maybe your observations will help solve this issue!

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  12. 11 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    Is it just me, or are anyone else plagued by a series of spontaneous boots with 17.1? Even in complete idle on a desktop.
    It is new for 17.1, I did not see this on 16.0. On this unit I did NOT do a wipe during the upgrade.


    Note that the AICP-Q, that is supposed to be rather similar, on another unit is NOT plagued by this.

    Being a former Priv user, I had gotten used to spontaneous reboots.

    Fortunately 17.1 has been rock stable these couple days. Even better than 16.0 (wifi connections are way more stable). Only problem I had is I ran out of battery completely yesterday, and when I plugged it in it started but the screen digitiser was not working i.e. the phone wouldn't register my tapping, swiping etc.

    I manages to use the keyboard to restart the phone, it started to work again. If anybody need to do this: open the keyboard, push the power button for a couple seconds to bring up the poweroff / restart menu. Then cycle between options with the TAB key, use Enter to confirm the highlighted entry.

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  13. 6 hours ago, jamescarruthers said:

    Further evidence that Android is a disjointed mess

    I believe this sort of is the norm in the tech industry. Started all the way back with the IBM PC - a "disjointed mess" of ready-made components. Oh what a success it was eh? 😁

    Most times companies prefer the fast-to-market path, rather than the "perfect product" path. I'm not one to judge which way is the best, we have examples of both approaches that could be deemed to have failed... Windows Me (time-to-market) and GNU HURD (pefect product) come to mind. The HURD could be ressurected at some point and find a successful path, wheeras Windows Me is already buried and forgotten.

  14. 12 hours ago, Breeze said:

    So firts update the recovery to 17.1. Can i flash the new LOS 17.1 using the SDcard method? And keep my data?

    I did it from the SDCard, via recovery. It worked flawlessly.

    Mind you, I didn't even flash the recovery via ADB first. In my case, I flashed the 17.1 image direclty, rebooted to recovery, automatically the new recovery was there in place of the old one.

    Perhaps to be safe, you could flash the recovery via ADB, boot to recovery, and then flash 17.1 from SDcard.

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  15. 13 hours ago, npjohnson said:

    It is required - system mounts are handled differently, ROM will probably flash but GApps won't -- just use 17.1 recovery lol.

    I flashed with 16.0 recovery. It worked. I'm not saying anybody else should do it, but in my case what happened is: after flashing, I remembered from when I first installed LOS, that a reboot should be done to switch between slots (A/B). I did that, and booted to recovery -- voila! A new, purple themed recovery UI appeared. From there I flashed OpenGapps and Magisk. All worked perfectly. It really was a total non-drama upgrade. Thanks!

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  16. Hi all, I'm back here after about a month. I've downloaded the 17.1 image. Do I also need the 17.1 recovery? From what I read at this thread, I am thinking the answer is no, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks

    EDIT: By the way. I am thinking of putting the LOS 17.1 image into my sdcard and flashing it from the sdcard via recovery as I'd been doing with the 16.1 updates. Will it work? Cheers

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  17. 6 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    Try forcing it to 2.4GHz, that made a HUGE difference with my old router. But also use the statistics tab to see what is actually using the battery. It COULD be rogue programs, that are doing something in the background when you think it is idle.

    (The graph is from my PreProduction unit with no phone functionality, so use it for various tests only - currently installing latest LOS)

    I have already turned off my Router's 5GHz signal. Or you mean forcing 2.4 on the phone?

    And, another suspect of mine is the phone module itsefl. Network has been below crap-quality here in this last year!

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