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  1. Has anybody who got the email and completed the form received an acknowledgement email after they filled in the form? I have filled in mine and did not get any confirmation.
  2. I'm in contribution #21XX and have received the email on June 27th. Was in holidays so just saw and filled in the form today. Hope there's still stock (original order blue/256GB).
  3. Well, of all 3 scenarios you put forth this would be the best one. Meaning we might get a fixed version. Oh man. Everyone has limits. I am pushing mine further away in hopes that the outcome will be a good one.
  4. Oh my... December? It's quite a change in tune from "it will ship next week". I hope people at FxTec are getting better at estimates, rather than spitballing the December 2022 date which then might turn into March 2023. I've been supportive of FxTec's struggles and endeavour to make a grat phone but with my Pro1 turned into a paper weight (for now at least) and my replacement phone showing signs it might soon give up the ghost... I'm utterly disapointed. I'm trying to find solace in the reasoning that since they changed the estimates from "next week" to December, they might have
  5. Hi everyone. No updates here but I've seen some posts around the net about people having received their Pro1X's. I've seen one or two people post here that they got their Pro1X. Is that all for the time being? I was expecting mine to be on the way soon since my Indiegogo Contribution # is on the 2100's...
  6. I second that, I've been corresponding with tech support in order to see if my Pro1's no-keyboard and no-touch issue can be solved, and the rep at support has been quick to reply and also stated they have the USB board and display on stock.
  7. Whoa, then it has finally started! Around what number is your contribution? Mine is in the 2100's.
  8. Hi, I'm curious, does the Fold work well for those who like to type a lot? Does it have a "keyboard" function that could emulate the Pro1?
  9. Hi, how can I help with this? Even though I believe my case is different (no touch at all, touch driver absent from i2c bus, whereas the problem here is insensitive touch margins). Last thing I attempted was flashing an older Lineage version (17.1) and running the display firmware upload APK. The apk never was able to update the display always complaining that firmware update wasn't supported.
  10. Perfect, I figured this one would be conductive and left it there. I just didn't remove the black film "backing" from the old screen to put it on the new one.
  11. You mean the silver "mail" or "fabric" type tape. Correct? I kept all the pieces that were there, in their original places.
  12. I wish. I wonder what the black backing stickers do? Are they related to touch detection on the screen? Last year when I replaced my screen for the first time I didn't reuse the old black sticker from the original screen, and it worked fine.
  13. I've taken a photo of the chipset inside my first replacement screen which worked fine for a year until I broke its glass. It's not very legible on the photo but it's a GT9286.
  14. I've also asked to switch my option to Android in order to avoid further delays. Got confirmation after a few minutes.
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