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  1. Yeah, sh*tty, right? Life happened once again. Let's try to be patient for another 30 or 60 days... 🙄
  2. Since I never got a "stock assigned" nor a "you order will ship later" email, I have just now emailed support asking them to check why I haven't received any information. Anyone else never got an email? Or has everyone either got an email, be it the "lucky" or the "too bad" one?
  3. If it was a Ponzi scheme, I think it would already have been bust. I really don't believe they would be getting enough new orders to keep producing phones for older orders. And yet the phones are (though slowy) being manufactured and shipped.
  4. Whoa. I usually have this thread open all the time in a browser tab. I give the forum as a whole a lot less attention. I jumped quickly to the "email received" thread. Now I know I shouldn't have! While it makes me satisfied for all fellow members who got their stock assignments, and even improves my confidence in Fxtec, it's also painful to see me not being graced with a phone from the latest batch. Wel well. Keep on waiting, is all we can do. But I'm a human being, and it hurts. Bleh /rant
  5. Not really. Just trying to find something positive about it. My spidey sense is telling me I am much in the same situation as you. Sorry if it came across as sarcastic!
  6. I am sorry to know this. On the bright side, at least it is a sign Fxtec are improving their communication. February will come soon anyway.
  7. Thank you all for your responses / friendly words / intent to help me keep my cool 🤣 I paid sort of quickly -- within the day if I recall correctly. I'll keep an eye on my email including the spam folder.
  8. DAMN! No email and I'm #15XXX. No order assigned email. Not even an update email... WHY OH WHY??? 😪
  9. I will accept 70% of a Pro1... provided it comes with instructions on how to finish and I can source the missing parts 🤣
  10. If so, then I am f***ed. Here's to hoping you are wrong and I am right. I love to be right. Haha.
  11. Good question! Let me begin the reckoning... sounds they are trying to fulfill about 70% of each destination country?
  12. Exciting! I am figuring I'm included in the 70% of fulfilled pre-orders. Shall the pseudo-statistical reckoning begin again? 🤣
  13. If you indeed have Nougat, what a gifted Priv ended up in your hands. If true, my friend, time to share your ROM with the world 🤣
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