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  1. Here's an idea. My phone was delivered on August 5th 2020. So, not yet 2 full years from purchase. Do you believe I could have it fixed on warranty terms? Thanks EDIT: I also have a Pro1x on order. Maybe that will ship sooner rather than later now. Hehe
  2. About a couple weeks ago. It didn't work, I rebooted, it started working again. Then later on the same day it died permanently. I hadn't been using it during the last couple months prior to the first symptom a couple weeks ago. Always my fingernails or a plastic cellphone pry tool. I can try looking at the whole motherboard assembly and the screen connectors with a magnifying glass. But only will be able to do so during the weekend. But this wouldn't explain the keyboard failing by itself prior to the screen replacement.
  3. It worked out of the box for me. Boot to Lineage or AICP recovery, choos apply update via ADB, then on the host PC: 'adb sideload Magisk-v24.3.apk' Good to know it worked for you. One important comment is that if you are coming from a fresh ROM install, you should flash your ROM via sideload, then flash MindtheGapps or OpenGapps, then reboot to system. After you get to the Android screen, reboot to recovery again and then sideload Magisk. I'm not sure if the reboot to full Android screen is needed, or just a reboot back to recovery is enough. So I always reboot to system first.
  4. The fingerprint sensor works. I have been using the phone with a USB -C hub with a mouse connected to it, that is how I can navigate the system and how I was able to install Termux and run i2cdetect. Every time after flashing I use the mouse to pair a bluetooth keyboard+touchpad, it's fun to use an Android device without touch, haha. 😪 Apart from the fingerprint, I have devices 0x08 (microphone?) and 0x09 (unknown device?) on bus 7, and on bus 6 I have 0x28 (NFC). I spent 2½ days troubleshooting this and now don't have much time to look further into it until the weekend. If I ha
  5. I checked the connectors and flat cables. They all seem fine. Both display connectors & flat cable, and the keyboard connector & flat cable. I checked i2c bus 6, and I also do not have the keyboard present ("--" on row 0x50, column 8). So that is why my keyboard is not working either...
  6. @VaZso : bingo! I don't have any drivers using address 0x14 (just "--" instead of "UU" on row 0x10, column 4). So I'm now suspecting a hardware issue, either flat cable misconnected or something else. Did I understand this right? Any other testes I could carry out to confirm there is nothing at address 0x14? Thanks
  7. Okay, before opening the phone again to check the screen connector etc I'll flash Lineage or AICP and Magisk for root then I'll run i2cdetect and report back here. Tks
  8. Thanks. Yes, I did. In fact the phone is on right now in hopes the OTA might come yet. haha If I remember correctly, last time it took an OTA to solve the screen too. However, I will reopen the phone this evening and recheck all connections. Maybe something is not right in there. I also can try the old screen and a third new one I have still on the box. Thanks for everyone's inputs!
  9. Thanks. With my Samsung laptop, it doesn't work. Or it might be my Pro1's already a bit worn out USB port? The saga continues...
  10. I used two different ports from my laptop, will try a third one. Thanks
  11. I see. I might try an older stock then, if OTA is still up i might be lucky. I only found older stock firmware at @tdms link but they are EDL files and his Linux tool didn't work for me. I'll try the windows tool. EDIT: or if anybody has the older fastboot image I'll be thankful if you share it with me. Fastboot works well with my Linux box.
  12. I flashed the 20200825 fastboot firmware from the Back to Stock guide thread: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2466-guide-restore-to-stock-firmware-using-fastboot-method/?do=findComment&comment=33838
  13. Thanks for your interest in helping. I can say that the last time I changed the screen (this is the second time now) it was the same. Screen completely unresponsive, 100% not working until the update came through. The problem now is that the OTA provider for the update is not serving the updates anymore! Therefore -- THIS IS IMPORTANT! @EskeRahn you might want to put this info somewhere very visible. If you are considering a screen replacement right now, don't do it until a way has been figured out to update the screen without the OTA! I would be very thankful if someone could provid
  14. I did because back then (in early 2021) it was the only way that solved for me (then later on stopped working anyway). Now after I solve my screen I'll use the QX1000 fingerprint. thanks
  15. If anyone can help me with the screen update package I'll be grateful. I was foolish enough to install a new screen without visiting the forum and this thread. Turns out the stock OTA updates are not working anymore and now I have a phone with a beautiful new screen that doesn't work (no touch at all!) and I can't solve it. Besides my hardware keyboard stopped working a couple weeks ago, so the only way I can use the phone now is by plugging an external mouse and keyboard... 😪
  16. Eske, have you ever heard of the "58 megabyte" update that installs on top of stock that @divstar mentioned? My memory isn't very sure but I believe I also had to go through this to make the digitiser to work last year when I replaced the screen for the first time. I wonder if that update can be downloaded somewhere?
  17. An observation: it is interesting that the device fingerprint remained as "Sony Xperia" (I don't remember the model, XZ II maybe?) even after flashing stock. Also, I got the fingerprint bug, seems "persist.img" is not included in the "back to stock" package? EDIT: never mind, persist.img is also part of the package. Sorry.
  18. Yes, it is. Actually my saga is longer and more convoluted. I had a cracked screen. Installed a new one like I did last year. Touch wouldn't work at all (like last time). Not only the edges but no touch is registered. I then went back to stock to see if the touch issue would be fixed. No dice. Plugged in a keyboard and mouse and tried to set up the stock firmware because I read that an OTA update might for stock solve the touch issue -- read it here: However, stock would show 'no updates'. But when configuring the device I realised that Google asked me to confirm on my other devices
  19. I successfully installed LineageOS19.1 20220502 with MindTheGapps 12.1.0 20220416, but I can't get past the welcome screen setup part. After it asks me for the PIN or lock pattern it takes me to the fingerprint setup. As soon as I finish the fingerprint setup it enters a loop, asking me again for the PIN or pattern and taking me through the fingerprint setup all over again.
  20. How difficult was it to find a new USB port for your Pro1?
  21. Great news! I'm reinstalling today because I replaced my screen (again) and need to go back to stock to make the touch digitiser to work. Has anybody at this point tried Magisk and Google Pay?
  22. I agree. I follow this sparsely but do not post much here anymore (lack of time). Just last night I have replaced the screen for the second time, and am now in the process of going back to stock, then reinstalling AICP yet again. Also my keyboard is inoperative (maybe a hardware issue, let's see after the reflash). I took the opportunity to open the back of the phone while changing the screen, I disconnected and reconnected the keyboard flat cable (it didn't solve the issue) but did not feel like tearing the whole thing apart before trying the reflash, which I need anyway because the touc
  23. Thanks. Yes, I also agreed to location services. But my phone often loses GPS fix and is usually clueless about where it is (maybe it's a good thing so nobody's tracking me? 😁) I had OpenGapps on the Q Beta, and also tried OpenGapps with this fresh AICP R install. Didn't make a difference, couldn't make SafetyNet nor GPS work with either of them. I'm now suspicious of the issue discussed here: But, I don't know how to change this file on my phone. Having Magisk installed, it seems I do not have a straightforward /system mountpoint? 🧐
  24. Hey guys, I'm having an issue with location. I already had the same problem on AICP Q beta. (Beta also had an issue with notifications. Most apps' notifications never played a sound or vibrated, this is now working on AICP R). I can't reliably get my location on Google Maps and other apps that depend on Google's location services infrastructure. I've already gone through all of the location settings and permissions to no avail. It seems that apps that communicate directly with the GPS work OK. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is AICP's standard behaviour to not allow location
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