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  1. Most of the focus lately seems to be focused on "when will I get my stuff". I'm troubled by most everything aforementioned FOR MONTHS, TOO, but are we asking the right question ? Marketing to any customers is like flying an airplane in that there is one primary rule. The MOST important factor ? KEEP THE AIRSPEED - KEEP THE AIRSPEED - KEEP THE AIRSPEED. So my question is NO LONGER when I can place or receive an order. That is a proven exercise in futility due to historical factors. My question is, " WHY is there no about to ship-coming soon PRESS to build excitement, push up orders, w
  2. 1) firm mfg.and delivery dates - better customer communications 2) dual sim - SD simultaneously (VaZso, Eske) 3) replaceable battery, supports charging options 4) indestructible clamshell design, dual sided display, exterior display can have limited basic functions 5) mediocre camera to keep cost down 6) average processor 7) Like Hook, I write stuff and crunch numbers- could care less about personal video entertainment. I get plenty of entertainment watching the world around me - especially all those locked in the praying mantis pose feeding the tech vampires personal data, slavishly w
  3. 4G Band 4 will still be supported for voice, according to VZ.
  4. It may be time to "Fall 2019" back to avoid a second round of decelerating fallout. Announcing "sometime in 2019" a few weeks before September 23 will be a death sentence for my tolerance. At that point, I'll just wait for the Pro2, and I'll bet I am NOT alone in that decision critical timeline. I have the option to flash my 0 miles- still in box Droid 4 and put up with Verizon's rolling blackout of 2G/3G across the nation........
  5. Smartphone keyboard diehard since 2005. HTC, Droid one then my still kicking Droid 4. Have a brand new Droid 4 in a box ready to clone but Vz is trying their best to droid-kick me off their evolving network. You developers-owners are banking on the forgotten, business oriented keyboarders. NO press is bad, even in articulating the delays inherent with a complex project like P1. The real money will not hit until P2, anyway. (completely predicated on the P1) If you have a delay then you can spin to getting it right for release. If you release a buggy product you are toast in the media. If
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