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  1. I'll attach it as a screenshot for others who can't get into it: basically it's something for the "near future"
  2. Not sure if we've had much info on this officially but they at least Tweeted back on this... So if nothing else, then at least we know it's planned
  3. Yeah, I can confirm this too. Rebooting seems to just "finish" the process. Be sure to check for updates again, once I had mine there was 2 or 3 updates, each needing a reboot if I recall it right.
  4. Not sure on the best place to ask but i'll start here as I just can't fit out. I've moved from an LG which had the neat feature to "capture" the screen and give you an option to edit and crop before you save this as an image. Is there any such feature with the Pro1 short of just doing a full screenshot then editing the screenshot from your saves images?
  5. Ah, in which case August 2nd. That IS a bit confusing
  6. Now that you say it, it does seem odd but this is what I see on my Orders page... I assumed this was the date i ordered it?
  7. UK based, #18xxx and paid on June 23. Still no stock assignment yet 😞 The wait continues
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