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  1. I am also having problems with the audio being distorted while making a phone call. Pro1 with Android 9
  2. I have also noticed a delay while using my bloothtooh headset. I type in a phone number and they do not display. Give it a second or two then they appear.
  3. Sorry that should of been Android 9 not 8.😱
  4. I have an issue of the display constantly turning on and off during a call with the phone on the side of my face. It is opening apps and once I have had a constant DTMF tone come blaring through. It has even turned on the speaker phone and muted the call. I have had some people suggest this is related to the proximity sensor moving around or possible screws missing for holding the screen on the phone. I have purchased a Bluetooth headset to get around this issue. I am still using Android 8.
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