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  1. My proximity sensor has a strange delay in dialer app when I'm moving phone away from my face. It takes 2-5 seconds to turn display back on after I move the phone away from my ear and I can't end the call during that time, which is very frustrating. Detecting when I put it back near my ear works almost instantly and is not an issue. Testing the proximity sensor in factorykit doesn't have that issue, status of the sensor changes instantly both ways. It looks like some artificial delay in dialer app or a bug in dialer app itself. Anyone has this problem? I've also found that using some
  2. Got the same problem. Fixed that issue by finding updater app in all applications list and clearing its cache.
  3. I also have issue with aptX codec on two different pairs of headphones. When aptX is enabled (either via bluetooth settings or forced via developer tools), instead of music I can only hear popping in regular intervals (on one pair of headphones it happens immediately, on 2nd one only after few seconds of silence). This popping sound persists for some time after music has been stopped (it depends on how long I've tried to play sound) and if it persists long enough, one pair of my headphones are not responding and I have to force them off by plugging charging cable to bring them back to life.
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