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  1. I'll be the mean guy. No, no one have, and if you read anything here it will only be wild guest. Fxtec them-self didn't meet a single deadline they setted themself, and they are the one with the more up to date data. I have cancelled my order mid November and i'm waiting of official same day shipping before trying again. If you don't need your money, and are OK waiting until it arrive (i should be before April, but be ready to wait until July just in case), you are free to Order now But else, please don't. This forum really don't need another poor guy waiting patiently for what is rightfully his, and getting slap in the face delay after delay.
  2. https://m.fr.aliexpress.com/item/33002215990.html
  3. From what have been say earlier they won't be taxes because what matter seam to be the transaction date.
  4. those underscreen fingerprint reader are unreliable with screen protector right now, so i'm way happier with on the side ... https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-50080586
  5. This ! This is what i wanted ! of course Custom are horible, Factory can be late and Delivery company can make mistake. Obviously paperwork to get approved and lisenced by company take a long time. But right there you did what wasn't been done for now, Raised a new issue to us right away, saying where and why. Doing this help a lot when it come to trust. and it's easyer to wait for something when you see it moving slowly, clearing issue after issue, than just wayting in the dark. Thankyou very much.
  6. @Noob hi, just saw you got a tracking number from HK, are you around HK ? I thought the additional delay where because the phone needed to reach distribution center in europe and US.
  7. I try to fight for that earlyer, but I gived up when case where cancelled
  8. i dont think this should be able to go against the original statement, but as abielins said, i had the wrong reading 😉
  9. from what i see with the flipcase, it look like a viable solution. do you think fxtec could have made it ? or is there an obvious drawback i'm not seeing ?
  10. So, I already cancelled, take this as you want ... BUT if any of you can find back the official sentence saying that money will only be taken before shipping, All the people who are scared to not receive a device and not in the first batch should legally be able to request a refund while keeping the order. They will then be redebited when there device actualy ship. I mean, all of the seconde wave device never should have been payed, worst for the third one. But maybe this was also urban legend, but never written on the website, i don't remember where i saw it. i'm also surprise noone have written about that.
  11. I'm still around to , and i have send proof of cancellation. Being invested in a project, wanting to know how it's going... There is nothing wrong in staying around. It's actually because i was passionate that i feal let down and betray. You just can't complaint again and again ...
  12. No, not really, in your case yes because your bank protect you. But if FX go under, customer don't get refund until the bank and all dept to other company (component, phone already build, sas subscription) are paid for. Usealy customers get little to nothing.
  13. This is wrong. I have lost any trust in FX. This had happened in 2 wave. First everything was silent or OK for the 29 of October, and on the said day they talked about a month of delay. Dick move, they knew they wouldn't be on time way before. It's not like half of the phone went KO. It made me doute them. Then they cancelled the hard case who was supposed to be shipping with the phone AFTER they where send. This was another thing they purposefully didn't talked about but knew about it. There, right there i considered them as immoral and not trustworthy. Rather then whine about it (did they ever listened ? Did we ever only had an officials PR person down there ?) i cancelled my order and got my money back quickly. Pro: I'm nolonger waiting for a products to ship god know when in the X batch If the company goes under after the first couple batch, i already have my money (hop you have insurance, customer is last served) If the phone have bug, or anything that will be seen by the early adopters, i will be able to consider theme. I will be able to order it again, from stock, with fast shipping. If the company succeed and the device is well reviewed, NOTHING stop me from ordering again. Con : i won't get the device as quickly i won't get the pouch that i didn't care about (i'm wasn't in for the headphone) i am making it harder for FX If FX failed i will never get a device So ... If you trust FX enough, or having the device first is worth the risk to loose your money, stop complaining on a forum that isn't read by FX PR or Leader. It's more noise and source of anger If you believe they are acting to fishy for you, cancel your order. In Europe the price is the same right now, but event if not, 200$ for a guaranteed shipping product isn't worth it ? Will you accept loosing it all if they close ? Make a chose.
  14. This is where i do it wrong, i tuck my shirt in my pant 😄
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