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  1. I canceled my cancellation request 🙂 There are more benefits than the keyboard and after researching a bit more the hardware isn't that bad after all. At least sufficient for my needs.
  2. Sorry to say i just canceled my order after i got the december update from Fx. The possible delivery of "end of January" and speak of QWERTZ European layouts and i'm using QWERTY as most Dutch do (i think), and any QWERTY being assigned to US shipments backlog, this delivery date is not an option anymore. I'm not following the forum that much but a really don't have any crunch at Fx Tec other then an phone that, although with a great keyboard, is aging fast with the choice of other hardware components. With the price drops on other premium phones continuing every month, the price i paid i
  3. As far as i remember my really first one was a IPAQ 6310/6315 followed bij a Vodafone HTC clone with the same slider mech as the pro1, with the same tilted screen. Tried the Nokia N97 for a day orso but returned it because of crippled software. And that was the end of the physical keyboard phones.
  4. Nope... should work out of the box. Nothing much different for the android version the Pro1 is running then other phones. I'm using a Huawei Watch 2 Classic and i'm not concerned.
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