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  1. 3 hours ago, pAn said:

    I`ve found solution for the waydroid crashes - https://cdn.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v5.x/ChangeLog-5.4.28 specifically the commit https://cdn.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v5.x/ChangeLog-5.4.28. It is a one line change and it works. I'll provide more soon, but now I am busy with other things. I wanted to share at least the experimental boot image, but I can attach max 2MB files. Any suggestion for a sharing platform?

    if you point me to the patch i can add it to the devel: version

  2. SailfishOS 3.4 for the Pro1

    Its here at last, SailfishOS 3.4 for the Pro1!


    This update is exciting as it brings full home folder encryption to you device, just like official devices, improving your privacy, along with all the other features of SailfishOS 3.4.

    Becuase of the device encryption, it is nescessary to flash, and the method of flashing is different that before (but easier).

    To install this release, download it from:

    *A linux machine
    *fastboot tool installed

    You want to download the latest "run-build-lvm-testing" version, do not use the "run-build-lvm-devel" version, that is for developers, and there is no guarantee that version wont break randomly.

    When you have downloaded, extract the artifact.zip, and the .zip inside it.  
    Using a command prompt navigate to the folder.
    Put the phone into fastboot mode
    Execute the flash.sh script as root (sudo sh flash.sh)
    After flashed, reboot the phone (sudo fastboot reboot)

    Now enjoy your updated device!

    Discuss on telegram: https://t.me/sfos_user_pro1


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  3. 4 hours ago, claude0001 said:

    It was the first thing I tried -- because I knew that the browser situation in SFOS would be problematic.

    When you read about SFOS you quickly realise that this is a long-standing issue: Jolla seems to not have the resources to keep up with browser development (which is quite a task, I acknowledge). Things are made worse by the fact that their core community is on "official" devices, which allow to simply run Android Firefox via the compatibility layer. As a consequence, also the community have little interest in developing or porting a better native browser.

    Its getting a lot better.  3.4 updates the engine to esr52, and the next release updates again to esr60

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  4. PSA Updating to Sailfish 3.4
    The update to Sailfish 3.4 on the Pro1 is much anticipated.  Not only will it bring the great features in 3.4, but it also bring encrypted home partition for added security of your data.

    While this is a great feature, it is also not straight forward to implement, requiring a completely different style of installation to previous releases.

    Because of this, it is not possible to upgrade an existing 3.3 release to 3.4.  The 3.4 release must be flashed onto the phone, after which it will be possible to restore any backups taken.

    Trying to force an upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4 will certainly result in a soft-bricked device, requiring a re-flash, so do not do it!

    The burden of trying to maintain 2 seperate builds of the OS is impractical, so it is best to just "bite the bullet" and do the flash.

    The upgrade to 3.4 will be available in the coming days now that it is generally available for porters.


    Adam (piggz) and the SFOS Porters

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  5. Regarding sailfish, the port is certainly still in development and has not stalled.  I use it as my daily driver with few issues.

    The latest releases are available from the continuous integration build server at


    Regular users are advised to install the "testing" releases, as the other releases are from the devel branch.  I try my hardest to not break the testing repository, but breakage may happen in the devel repository, and I wont give you sympathy if you are running that version 😉

    The current releases of the devel version are interesting as the entire flashing process has changed.  In a nutshell, historically, sailfish ports have used space in the userdata partition of android, but left the partition intact.  Actual releases of SailfishX instead convert the whole userdata into an LVM volume, with a root and home partition.  This is what allows SailfishX to encrypt the users data using LUKS.

    The current releases of the devel version are also using this partition scheme, and give you such encryption benefits, HOWEVER, it also means the android userdata is wiped...its basically like having an official Sailfish device (minus AD/exchange).

    This work has not yet been put into the testing repository, as it would be nice to get a little more feedback on it.  When it does go into testing, I will have to be vocal about it as it will require reflashing your device, and an OTA update probably will break things.

    Small fixes do still happen, just yesterday I realised I was missing a fix for the proximity sensor handling, which caused the screen to stay off after finishing a call.

    If anyone does decide to test the LVM devel builds, then ping my on telegram @adampigg and let me know how it went.

    SFOS users Telegram Group: https://t.me/sfos_user_pro1


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  6. Hi


    SailfishOS community port has been updated to and is available in the testing: repository for general use.

    The testing: repo is for general users, and the devel: repo for devs...the initial SailfishOS releases were made using the devel: repo so you need to switch them or install a release built from testing:  If anyone needs to know how to do than then ask.

    Update process is as always:


    ssu 32

    ssu ur

    zypper ref

    zypper dup

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