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  1. For other people with this problem, if I play the audio on my speakers and *then* plug in the headphones, it seems to work most of the time.
  2. I'm noticing that my Pro1X is having a lot more trouble staying connected to T-Mobile than my BB Key2 was. In particular, I was in a place recently where it kept falling off the network; the icon would show "LTE" and about 1/3 full signal power, but also an X over the signal icon, so not actually on the internet. It would work for a few minutes, then fail for a few minutes, then work again, over and over. Rebooting seemed to consistently make it work for a few minutes. I'm wondering if this is kind of expected or if I should open a support ticket with FxTec.
  3. Also sometimes, for hours at a time, the fingerprint sensor just ... does nothing. ;_;
  4. I'm on Android, though; shouldn't I have the firmware update?
  5. My Pro1X only registers the fact that I've plugged in headphones about half the time, maybe less. It's not the other end of the connection; everything else works fine with that. Sometimes everything works correctly. Sometimes the headphones are just ignored. Most often, though, *some* of the sound is played over the headphones, and *some* of the sound is played over the phone speakers; both volumes are quieter than when either is working properly, so apparently the electrical signal is actually being split, which is *ugh*. Anyone know what's going on here?
  6. Just got mine a little while ago, still getting used to it. Installed SwiftKey to fix the lack of auto-complete with the keyboard, which was my first major complaint. Now my biggest problem, by far, is the fingerprint sensor, because it keeps "detecting" any part of my hand coming anywhere near it, and ... I'm honestly not sure exactly what's happening at the software level, but unless I keep my *entire hand* *very* far away from it, anything involving input is basically unusable. This is with the physical keyboard closed, just using it in portrait mode like a normal phone. The soft ke
  7. Anybody have a decent estimate as to how long I'd be waiting if I ordered a phone right now?
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