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  1. Since I bought my phone I've had to replace my screen before already, but since a few months the replacement has been slowly breaking in the very same way. I've contacted support, and after a long wait and a reminder they got back to me. They asked me to confirm my shipping details and once I've done so, they sent me a replacement module along with a complementary battery and sheet of screw cover stickers right away. (Just like for Milly it seems). This arrived merely 2 days later and I've swapped my screen module over the last weekend, having everything working as it should again. I'm happy
  2. The boot image would be the recovery one, yes? I didn't think the keyboard driver could would be in there, I'm actually still running the recovery image from build 2 I think yet I do have the updated keyboard behaviour. Maybe I upgraded and forgot? Hm I guess I could put the question mark on O indeed, then I could have L behave consistently as the other keys would, with using slanted arrows for the AltGr key combinations. Thanks. Well, ideally the Sym key would be configurable too. Personally, what'd fix things for me the best, is simply swapping current behaviour of the slanted arrows a
  3. Ooh, am I reading this correctly? Is it now possible to make custom keymappings using the slanted arrow key to get special characters that require AltGr and thus far needed the Sym key to be pressed? This would be a lifechanger for me! As I described in a post a month back, on test build 2 I'd use the slanted arrow keys for all the special Polish characters I need, but updating to build 11 (iirc) meant I was stuck to using Sym for those keys and it was impossible to remap them manually in the way I wanted. So if this is now possible thanks to this additional modifier, that's great! It really w
  4. I see. That sounds like an improvement that'd occur in the further future though. When it does happen though, I'd probably set both slanted arrow keys to AltGr and set Sym to Fn, rather than just modify the right slanted arrow, for sake of consistency. For now I've been looking at what I can do to make things work better in the short-term, as this is my only phone actually. It appears a quick swap of DEFINEs in the driver and a custom recompilation won't be possible, as while I have found the DEFINE for the slanted arrow keys (one define though, so my first impression is that they're physic
  5. Alright, so I have testbuild 11 flashed, and it appears to be working well. I've followed the instructions for an update, so my recovery image remains unchanged at from testbuild 2. Do I want to upgrade this or have there been no changes to the recovery image? It's great to see all the improvements and fixes that build 11 comes with, especially the orientation switch on the keyboard slideout makes the phone feel so much faster, though there are many more welcome changes. Regarding the keyboard I've been able to try out some initial things. There appears to indeed be a default Polish keyb
  6. Thank you very much for the exhaustive reply, just the information I was looking for. Sounds like I might need to put some work into it, but that I can get my keyboard working again as I've now gotten used to. I don't think I'll adjust FinQwerty for this again, it probably makes more sense if that maps with stock and adding stock/LOS variants to every FxTec layout would result in a mess. So I'm thinking of doing it the way this ROM lets us do it, at the driver level. That way I can have both slanted arrows combine with any of the character keys if I'm understanding correctly. I'll try out t
  7. Ugh, I had typed a fairly length message and then accidentally closed my tab :(. Here goes another attempt. I've been using test build 2 from this topic as a daily driver, ever since my phone was delivered to me. I've come to understand that from build 3 and onwards, a factory reset is needed and the phone needs to be reconfigured again. That's absolutely fine and to be expected at such an early stage in development, but I held out for a bit as I didn't have the time on my hands to do that to my daily driver back when the next few builds were coming out. Then after that, I saw the keyboard
  8. I believe this may be somewhat relevant to the thread; I went and implemented a Polish programmer's keyboard layout for the QWERTY Pro1 based on FinQwerty. For anyone interested in the changes, they are in a pull request waiting for feedback and an eventual merge: https://github.com/anssih/finqwerty/pull/9 .
  9. Alright, thank you for the clarification. I'll be looking forward to your next testbuild, I've seen several fixes mentioned that you plan to incorporate into it. For now, I've forked the FinQwerty project and added a Polish keyboard layout so I can type the required characters without relying on the missing special character popup from Android. This solves my usecase and may actually even be more convenient. If anyone's interested and capable of building Android packages, the required changes are here: https://github.com/anssih/finqwerty/pull/9 .
  10. First of all, thanks for working on LineageOS support for this phone. I've obtained the phone yesterday and I put your test build 2 of LOS on it and I've been playing around with it since. I noticed the WiFi symbol issue, but it doesn't seem to affect anything so that's nothing really. I did also notice the problem wih the / key, especially when typing URLs, which was a little problematic. When I then noticed that Esc and other modifier keys weren't working well on ConnectBot, I got FinQwerty's keyboards installed and I'm now using a US International one, this solves most of those issues.
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