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spence fx serial 809

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  1. ive tried lte... global etc, still no worky that was my first thoughts as well, still searching
  2. day 2 of no sms sending continues for now anyways, I am just lost as to why suddenly can not send sms.
  3. just had to reset provisions with *#*#4636#*#* suddenly...all tabs on ... can send and get everything except sms now... i can get but not send sms what am i missing? im sure its something simple somewhere?
  4. anything on here about the keyboard backlight not lighting up about 30 to 40 perfect of the time...only an issue at night and currently cause still learning a few of the keys but i cant find a pattern to it just randomly 30 to 40 percent of the time and im poking in the dark
  5. to be clear it is only still running on lte and i have zero access to the cdma system
  6. no they approved it but the provision still had to be set first, wondering if that was systems update related as i did not update before doing all this, and i am running on the global setting
  7. i dmd requested still had to set provisions to
  8. I am on Verizon, it is much better signal stability than the droid 4 however fun stuff time. hours at the store nothing was accomplished with good techs.... calling they said they give up even......next tech support guy registered me in as a fxtec pro 1 model qx1000 on the system. it HAD to be registered in the system first under and active phone to find the phone as could not find with imei alone me using a brand new multi size all in one sim had to go big size sim first activate in the droid 4 then pass over to the fxtec. THAT will still not get you on the network without
  9. the odd part on the shift is when hit it will still isolate and tell me right shift key and left shift key they are just linked still sooooo yepp oh well esc is home and backspace is now back and del is now my backspace, feeling more droid 4 like already minus the function key but that is the most minor of whines
  10. anddddd i lied that did not last left and right control buttons are not operating seperately... same for left and right shift still come out with the same action despite only the right shift being assigned the home key hit the left one and it will go home too
  11. right shift is now my go home button vs digital click i neeeed more buttons!
  12. where is the link or process etc to the update i missed it somewhere among all the chaos
  13. i used the above key mapping setup, my life is changed now, soooooo much better coming off the droid 4 keyboard... now if i could just physically shift the qaz thru tgv over 1 key id be setttttt its a long stretch over there when typing fast, im down from 80plus words per minute to maybe 25-30 speed wise but trying to learn it in a hurry but its a long way over to the center
  14. 7 hrs in so far here add, digitizer not working to unlock phone after first battery cycle to dead, solution hold power button until resets and digitizer worked after reboot, a minute or 2 of phone fully unable to operate scared me there, hope to not see that issue again ever..
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