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  1. It's been good! The color calibration is different from the screen that came stock, but I have a working phone, with a working touch screen, so I'm happy.
  2. So I got tired of not being able to hit 'send' buttons and f(x)tec were unresponsive about new screen supplies. I switched out my screen for an elephone one from aliexpress, it was easier than expected, and all good so far.
  3. One more datapoint for the group here, but I'm experiencing the same problem, and noticed the same behavior. I then noticed that the ghost touching starts pretty much soon as I clip in the lower-right corner of the screen, near the lcd connector. The black PCB there seems like it has a lot of flex to it, and my theory something's damaged in that PCB from the flex. I stuck a folded up sticky note under that pcb to provide some rigidity, and although the problem is not resolved, and I still have a bit of a weird unresponsive area of the screen, it seems to be an improvement since I'm not ge
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