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  1. I had to install a virtual keyboard on it. Seems like it didn't have one for some reason. If I click on an icon and drag it to another, it just relocates the first. Wow. Thanks. One of those solved another issue I was having (Only the escape key wakes the device? Weird) and should solve another (sticky shift key) once I get a chance to mess with it.
  2. I am a proud new owner of a slightly used Pro1 and I'm loving it so far - but there are three things that aren't working the way I expect them to. First, when the phone is closed, I can't get a virtual keyboard to pop up on the screen when needed. There are some apps that don't support landscape mode and it's a hassle using the physical keyboard when I just need to type something quick. Second, the touch screen is very sensitive, especially on the edges. Any work around for turning that down? Third... lord oh lord, where are my app folders? I can't get it to let me drag one app onto another to sort things into folders? Help! Thanks in advance!
  3. omgomgomg OP. If you really want your money back and have received the phone - reach out to me. If it's QWERTY and unopened, I will pay you above cost. If it's QWERTZ or opened, I'd pay at least cost/shipping.
  4. I've only managed to find one device for sale. and it's a QWERTZ version. While I think I can adjust to the flipping of the Y and Z, I would definitely rather pay full price for a brand new QWERTY version. Yeah, I've read through it - seems like it works but there are issues. The thread hasn't been updated in a few months, so I was torn between bumping it or just asking in my thread where I wanted to ask about shipping/ordering info anyway.
  5. Hi. I live in the US (sorry world) and have had a physical QWERTY keyboard phone since the LG enV waaaaay back in 2006. Lord, it's almost old enough to drive. I'm on Verizon as well. Currently rocking the Samsung Stratosphere 2, which is essentially the last decent smartphone made with a keyboard from 2012. Yes, it's 2020 and I'm using a phone from 2012. I blame Steve Jobs. Anywhoo, it was abruptly brought to my attention by Verizon when my WiFi hotspot just stopped working that, by the end of the year, they'll have shut down their CDMA network which includes the limited 4G band that the Stratosphere 2 works on. Which means I'll have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into updating to a modern phone. Truth is, I would absolutely LOVE to have a modern phone, but do NOT want to give up my physical keyboard. Also, I like to yell at kids to get off my lawn and at clouds. Imagine my surprise when I do some searching and find there's a whole community of like-minded luddites who also refuse to allow a growing world of buttonless devices to change us. Viva les boutons! I have many questions. I will quite easily drop the cash for this phone if it works for me. I've read through many threads about it working on Verizon - but VZW themselves can't seem to tell me much (a rep is researching and is supposed to give me a call back) - are there any issues or weird set-up quirks I should know about if using the phone in the US on VZW? I am also curious about the dual SIM nature of the phone. Verizon does a great job providing me coverage, but I sometimes find myself in areas that are lacking - so a dual SIM and the ability to use, say, AT&T would be nice - anything unusual I should know here? Ordering... I shot an email last night and am (im)patiently waiting for a response and scrolled through some of the threads. 10-12 week lead time is killer. Is this where things are at right now? I know COVID-19 is causing issues, of course. Are there any expedited delivery options available? Can I offer someone higher up on the list $100 to steal their spot? Anyone who can answer any of these questions would be appreciated. :)
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