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  1. This looks like a really nice solution for the case! How well do you think this would protect the phone from fall damage? For people who like flipbook-type cases I think glueing just the leather part of another case to the back of this would work quite well, or am I forgetting something important for this to work?
  2. As promised I'd update when I heard more from them! My order has been verified, so luckily nothing went wrong with the bank transfer, I'm assuming what EskeRahn said was correct, and the person responsible for handling support must've had his hands full with the previous batch. I guess this should also explain if other people are having longer wait times than usual regarding support mails etc. Either way, a big thanks to the f(x)tec support team for getting back to me regarding the matter, it's a big relief to know the money reached them and isn't hanging around somewhere ^^
  3. That would definitely be a plausible scenario! Here's to hoping you are right and nothing major went wrong with the transaction haha ^^
  4. That's also what I read before. Either way, I've sent a mail last week and Erik has been tagged in this forum as well, I guess I'll just play the waiting game until they get back to me to find out what happened. I'll be sure to post back here once this is resolved as a reference for future possible buyers thinking of opting for this transaction method. Thanks everyone for the comments! ^^
  5. Yeah that's what I'm thinking might have happened, though I made sure to give as correct information as possible, I have sent the support but they haven't gotten back to me all week. Thank you EskeRahn!
  6. Hey there F(x)tec community, Just a quick question to people who paid their order through bank transfer; how long did it take for it to go from “on hold” to “processing”? Full story: I ordered my pro1 3 weeks ago, since I don’t have a card payment option I decided to pay through bank transfer. I’m aware that this takes a few days to reach the company, and they told me it would take up to the end of that week to manually check it and add it as “processing”. I followed up on their message a week later since my order was still “on hold”, they told me they would do another run tha
  7. A big thank you to everyone for all the replies! What a welcoming community! With this information I have decided to place my order for a pro1 today, looking forward to being able to share my experiences with you all!
  8. Hey there Pro1 community, {intro; you can scroll down to the last paragraph if you just want the question} I've been following this phone since august last year, and have been on the fence of ordering it ever since. I used to own a nokia E7 and to this day this was still my all-time favourite phone. For some reason I've never been able to adapt to the virtual keyboards, and typing messages on them has been a daily frustration ever since my nokia E7 died many years ago. (to the point of ignoring messages until I get to a computer where I can batch reply everyone on a physical keyboard)
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