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  1. flx

    Pro1 Just died.

    UPS doesn't care, they refuse to send package under any return procedure for an individual.
  2. flx

    Pro1 Just died.

    Normally if you send back something for a warranty repair or replacement it should not have any extra taxes to pay, anywhere in the world. That's the theory, now in practice, as an individual, every single shipping carrier refuse packages under this kind of procedure and only accept regular expeditions. Now, anyway, this is an issue for fxtec, you should not advance any money to send back a device under warranty neither receiving it back. And if you do they have to reimburse you the expenses.
  3. It's a bit scary for all the non-qwerty Pro1X ordered... Are they even able to deliver them ? Not to mention that the Azerty layout was promised in December and we still not have it...
  4. If you legally bought the software license I don't see what could be illegal in making in works on a different hardware. I'd say it falls under the retroengineering/compatibility laws in Europe.
  5. A LG Wing with a keyboard instead of the secondary screen ?
  6. Yes this is exact, actually there are many other issues with the Cosmo even if the size was correct. But I have not investigated to the point to know if I would accept all the other compromises as I already know I can't compromise on the size.
  7. If I had bought a Planet phone instead of the Pro1X (if they were small enough for my hands to be able to thumbs type on it) I think I would have picked the Cosmo form factor. I looked to it over and over and in the end (took me some time) I quite liked the concept and functioning of this small outside screen with basic features and notifications. And when I really want to use my phone I can chose to open it and do or watch comfortably whatever I have to. It may also be a way to not fall in the temptation of spending 30 minutes on the phone everytime a notification is received. I gue
  8. Ford T actually existed in a lot of different body style, Sedan, Coupé, Roadster, Pickup, etc. I would be happy if a manufacturer used a same technical base to offer us 6 different form factor (like the Nokia e-series in their time).
  9. Yes, I'm not "against" horizontal keyboards but I find the advantage of one hand typing a big advantage. I'm messaging a lot while doing my shopping, in the bus, carrying things, etc. I like to multitask on my life, I don't like to stop whatever I'm doing to reply a message. Since my 1st Smartphone I owned (longtime) a Nokia e61i, a Nokia e72, a BB Bold 9900, a BB Classic, a BB Priv and a BB Key2. My preferred layout was the one from the Nokia e72. My preferred phone as a whole was the Classic, I loved how it fitted in the hand and BBOS10 was really a great OS. But acce
  10. At this count I can get out of the carton my good old Nokia E61i 😇 And back in the day they knew how to print 3 layers on the keyboard 😄
  11. I couldn't agree more, I want a mini version of the Pro1 or the Cosmo (or both). I often see people bashing vertical keyboards on this forum but with some training you can type reaaaaally fast on those thanks to the short distance your thumbs travel and when necessary you can even type one handed. Off course horizontal keyboards win on the special keys...
  12. It seems they are faster to answer some kind of questions than others...
  13. What is crazy is even IGG permitting to put themself in liability like that. It's clearly stated that IGG will refund you until December 11. If you want to force them you could, no matter if they already gave the money to the project.
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