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  1. Drawn by Konayachi. Used with permission:
  2. I actually also prefer that one. Minimalistic and great!
  3. Before you throw it, ship it to me. I can give it a new home.
  4. Don't have the phone yet but after I do, I'll definitely use Firefox.
  5. The burden of justification lies in the accusation, not the defendant. ... And with that you ignored everything else... Including You mean "bye bye"? If you say so. If you always run away from a discussion and keep giving accusations without proof, you will never win one.
  6. Are you sure they are promises? When I read their texts, I read expectations: Got any examples that state otherwise? Good for you. So am I. You do know that f(x)tec owners are not programmers, do you? You do know they are at mercy of snapdragon and google (android), don't you? What? It's not? Elaborate, please. Please be more technical on what you mean by "tie". So... You mean they changed linux for the PRO¹, is it? What kind of changes do you notice? Have you ever tried to make a new piece of hardware that has never existed before to give to a general audience?
  7. What are you trying to show us with that?
  8. I wonder about that... People may touch the popup... I'm afraid of a "good intentions; bad implementation". IMO, it's really hard to know if a screen touch is meant as a "continue using" or as a "ups, I touched by accident". Maybe canceling the lock by mistake can be mitigated with a noise and rumble? Just bringing this up to avoid no one thinking about it.
  9. As I said. It was a (one) reason to own the phone. There are many other reasons to own this phone in detriment of others. I believe the keyboard and FinQWERTY installed, as you, @EskeRahn, mention; are reasons to still have it.
  10. And.... There goes a reason to own this phone.... The keyboard can be good.... It appears to be very good. Maybe I can only hope that the software F(x)tec is hiring to be done is done appropriately... I use bank apps and other apps which I'm sure they verify against safetynet... Now I can only check and wait if this goes anywhere... I suggest you to star that ticket... It may help When can I have a phone I can call mine and not have others define if my stuff is secure or not?!?! If it is not secure, it's my problem, not theirs.
  11. How can the PRO¹ be approved by google with the unlocked bootloader? According to many of these news, the problems come from unlocking a locked bootloader and safetynet detecting the bootloader is unlocked. In this case, the android being signed by google is being shipped on an unlocked bootloader. Could it be, due to that nuance, we are safe?
  12. Thank you for the update @Erik. Too bad these people don't understand the problems related to the worldwide virus.
  13. It's basically the ID of the key. It is the hardware value related to the key. I don't know what apps exist to get that as you press the keys but you may search for one
  14. I wonder how good the QA is. Not that those two guys want bad QA but because it is made in China. All big manufactures have to impose good QA because they don't want to waste money with in-warranty repairs. I wonder if F(x)tec was/is able to impose good QA also.
  15. I don't know. My current android phone doesn't have fingerprint sensor and I see videos of people doing the first unlock with fingerprint on internet (not with PRO¹)
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