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  1. Try reading the server code of scrcpy. It has everything you need to capture. Then you just need to have a receiver and something to convert the signal to HDMI. I have no idea how. I do love scrcpy, though. I use it quite regularly.
  2. I'm still waiting for my astro slide. I was just lucky to have one of the first Pro¹-X shipped. Otherwise, I wouldn't have any android usable phone for me. I can't type anything (even swiping) on a flat surface without any texture on where the buttons are at any meaningful speed. I've tested with my Pro¹-X my typing speeds with the on screen keyboard is 30cpm vs 160cpm on keyboard vs 260cpm on my laptop. This is all a terrible timing problem of a triple blow. f(x)tec is just caught in the middle and Planet Computers too.
  3. https://www.fxtec.com/#Linxdot (hopefully) https://www.deckhd.com/
  4. Is that your order? They marked it as "Failed"?
  5. I'll do that some time shortly. Too late. That happened to me last week. Same with the Pro¹-X. I'm not sure if the command is the same but I activated it on the same day I installed the OS. Thanks anyway 👍 Interesting... I wonder if it's fixed on version 2.1.5. I didn't encounter that when it discharged fully last week.
  6. I do. As a phone it works fine for me. I've tried for 1 week some months ago and it did it's work as I'd expect from a phone in which I do calls and SMS. Even the tinny speaker doesn't "broadcast" the call to everyone around you, unlike many other smartphones. I'm in EU. Maybe that's why it just works for me without tweaks. I suppose so. If it's not open-source, I only run sandboxed with limited and tight control on what permissions I provide (inside work profile). They would be useless there. Yeah. I check that (and just re-checked that). The biggest spenders are repor
  7. Many hours of screen time, yes. Even then, I'll take the suggestion and see what I can find. I only have open-source apps on my main profile, though. The proprietary apps are in the work profile and they are quite closed down and limited. Got any open-source alternatives? I only take "free" if it's "open-source" (AKA FOSS) 😆. In seriousness, I avoid those or, otherwise, I install on the work profile and they are closed after some minutes of not in use. None of my apps on the personal profile call my attention. Now I notice, I didn't mention that I charge my Pro¹-
  8. I have this problem sometimes but I think it's caused by ACC. It appears like there's some bugs in the custom android kernel which doesn't like when some of the settings inside /sys are used. I'm still probing because this only happens to me many hours after I start charging. However, if you have root permissions, this script works well for me: echo 1 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/input_current_limited echo 0 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/input_suspend echo 2 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/charge_control_limit I appear to only need it if I have the phone connect
  9. In my case, I never parted from my dumb phone, however, I use my Pro¹-X every day. It's my ultra-portable laptop in which I do all sorts of stuff. I believe I open that keyboard a few dozens of times per day on weekdays and a few on weekends. Given claude001's answer, I think I'm lucky that the keyboard still works perfectly. When I reach 1 year, I will certainly write my 1 year review of my experience with my Pro¹-X. My dumb phone is mostly used for calls and SMS. Pro¹-X's call sound quality is fine but for me, my dumb phone is more reliable to not run out of battery when I most wan
  10. I don't use signal and don't want to install it but it works with all other apps I tried.
  11. For rooted devices, ACC appears to be the most noteworthy and best working means. Either as command line or as an app. For unrooted devices: Pester f(x)tec to pester the developer company to add a system app that can do that work.
  12. Tried to reproduce and I still cannot. Battery at 80% (4.108V), both when charging and not charging. Volume ranging from 10% to 60% (in intervals of 10) and for min 1 min in each. I'm using OS V. 2.1.5 non-GMS.
  13. I use my Pro1-x mostly as a PDA. I want to use it as my primary phone but it's still early for my purposes. I'm still not comfortable with calling being an app instead of being the "front and center" of what it is (when it's something I call a phone). For me, it's almost an ultra-portable laptop that happens to run Android which is slower to type and slower to be productive while I can still be productive. For my phone stuff (basically phone and SMS), I still prefer my Nokia Asha. A big difference is that I used to read PDF and e-books on my Nokia Asha but now I do those on my P
  14. @Name_not_avail Were you in the wrong fastbootd screen?
  15. When you're not a millionaire, with limited resources, natively (or close to natively) knowing Chinese, with low bargining choices and (speculation:) the other party not budging on the terms of the contract... You take it and have something or you don't take it and you don't get the idea turned true. Even though IdeaLTE licensed the code for limited parties to see and use for purposes of alternative Android OS (speculation: May have been what F(x)tec guys were able to bargain for) pretty much all the hardware and firmware (of the hardware itself, not the OS) was locked behind closed sourc
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