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  1. I tried to jump out before the campaign ended. They refused. Even though I thought I had that long to decide
  2. First, having a PRO¹ so I can start using it. I'll think about what's next. I won't be using google Play, though.
  3. I don't use fulgris but I like the fact there's the choice to use it. I use firefox. I don't even use the PRO¹ yet 😄
  4. Simple Tab Group is the one for you to take. I have 3000 tabs around now and firefox handles it like a champ with only 1.5GB of RAM in use (I've been too busy to take care of my tabs... I think I need holidays; I'm starting to browse internet during work time) @Slion: Can fulgris sync with firefox? What about the 3000 tabs? Can it handle that absurdity?
  5. Even better. They swallow all fees themselves. Edit: There you go, 7 coffees-worth of money.
  6. Do you have any cheaper (as in, higher % for you) way to provide my monetary contribution such as liberapay or ko-fi?
  7. F(x)tec is trying to get all the stuff required for the phone to work linux mainlined. Maybe F(x)tec have all the drives open-source at this time?
  8. Someone has posted the tweet about current status
  9. I need to recheck where I got my source data. This is not adding up. Hey, @Erik! About @madeye's post: Proven or disproven? Is it a choice of yours (which you are entitled to) or is it a platform limitation?
  10. I went through their stuff in the rules for creators and I figured out it's not even something I'd call a "feature". Igg doesn't even give a choice on the matter. No refunds, even if the creator wants to. Probable wrong sources used here. See @madeye below.
  11. Is Auto-rotate ON? Does it happen with running an app that doesn't like to work in landcape?
  12. I prefer ⇞, ⇟, ↸, ⭸, ⌦, ⎀, but I don't mind your choices.
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