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  1. I contacted them on twitter and I finally got an answer... ~10 weeks to get an answer ( a little less than 2 months and a half). I wonder what is happening over there...
  2. Ok. I'll test it out when I get the phone... Hopefully in November
  3. The only one I'd like to have is screen off when proximity sensor detects closed. Does your program have that (or maybe it's already included in the OS)?
  4. Ah! I had to purposely look there to see them. I have a hard time finding things when there's low contrast 😝
  5. @SchattengestaIt Which ones are in which images? The first one also caught my attention a lot. But I have a hard time to see which ones are the 2nd one and 3rd one, in case @EskeRahn already reserved the first one.
  6. I wouldn't get the hopes too up. I don't know how tough the phone is but, given it is in two parts held on by a sturdy part, I'd say buying an f(x)tec Pro¹x shouldn't be taken for granted. They are still finishing recovering from the huge setback they were pushed into. So no dates are guaranteed. As for an off-the-shelf protection, likely going to happen but unlikely going to happen within your time budget. In other words: Doable but I wouldn't put my bets on it
  7. I wonder what's wrong with @Erik. He hasn't posted since April, even though he has been online. I also sent them an e-mail on the 6th of August and still didn't get an answer. What's going on with them?!?! Is Zendesk broken? Are they in a mess?!?!
  8. brunoais

    Spare Parts

    They have good intentions and a great product (hardware-wise), however: They SERIOUSLY need to work on their public relations. It really needs a STRONG improvement. @Erik! That guy is at a mess and He desperately NEEDS YOUR HELP!
  9. Are you asking if Ubuntu Touch supports those characters? It does.
  10. Welcome to fxtec! First, about your entry, please use a summary that specifies what you want to ask or state and not who wrote 🙂. Who wrote is given to the readers regardless 🙂. Second, Ubuntu's browser is as capable as android's browser, if not more capable. If you are accessing your bank account online or any shop online, Ubuntu can do that as well (or even better) than the basic android. If you are asking about native apps, Ubuntu touch is still struggling with those. Most apps work but apps with specific requirements struggle or not work at all.
  11. I can see fastboot is available with apt list | grep fastboot I wanted to know about USB stability. Seems not to be OS-based but hardware-based . As for adb, I already use it extensively and have multiple scripts that depend on it for my daily life (not with the Pro¹ but my current phone; still waiting for my f(x)tec Pro¹X)
  12. Yes. You need root permissions on the OS side to set the permission values and, for example, set the same UID and GID to the same app for the equivalent app of the other OS (So both have the same UID and GID). Wait... File browser? I thought we were talking about web browser (the usual meaning for "browser"). If it's the file browser, then consider what I mentioned moot. A proper file browser does need root privileges on android.
  13. I think you need to root at the android level. However, why root at the browser app? In other words, why the need to run the browser app with root permissions?
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