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  1. I don't use signal and don't want to install it but it works with all other apps I tried.
  2. For rooted devices, ACC appears to be the most noteworthy and best working means. Either as command line or as an app. For unrooted devices: Pester f(x)tec to pester the developer company to add a system app that can do that work.
  3. Tried to reproduce and I still cannot. Battery at 80% (4.108V), both when charging and not charging. Volume ranging from 10% to 60% (in intervals of 10) and for min 1 min in each. I'm using OS V. 2.1.5 non-GMS.
  4. I use my Pro1-x mostly as a PDA. I want to use it as my primary phone but it's still early for my purposes. I'm still not comfortable with calling being an app instead of being the "front and center" of what it is (when it's something I call a phone). For me, it's almost an ultra-portable laptop that happens to run Android which is slower to type and slower to be productive while I can still be productive. For my phone stuff (basically phone and SMS), I still prefer my Nokia Asha. A big difference is that I used to read PDF and e-books on my Nokia Asha but now I do those on my P
  5. @Name_not_avail Were you in the wrong fastbootd screen?
  6. When you're not a millionaire, with limited resources, natively (or close to natively) knowing Chinese, with low bargining choices and (speculation:) the other party not budging on the terms of the contract... You take it and have something or you don't take it and you don't get the idea turned true. Even though IdeaLTE licensed the code for limited parties to see and use for purposes of alternative Android OS (speculation: May have been what F(x)tec guys were able to bargain for) pretty much all the hardware and firmware (of the hardware itself, not the OS) was locked behind closed sourc
  7. Cannot reproduce. I can't answer that well
  8. That one is IdeaLTE too. The contract is that IdeaLTE supplies the chips, IdeaLTE designs the board (within the size constraints) and IdeaLTE makes the drivers and the Android build but in a way it can be shared with partners so other Android-based OS could be made. With IdeaLTE gone, so is EVERYTHING (that is not "self-components") that made the Pro¹-Pro¹. Something sort of similar happens now but this time (this is my speculation based on facts) F(x)tec seem to have done some extra work to make sure they wouldn't end up with nothing if the current contract breaks the same way as it happ
  9. IdeaLTE just ditched them. They took the money and didn't fulfill the contract. What F(x)tec promised was what IdeaLTE was legally contracted to do for F(x)tec. It also included the batch of SD825 SoC for the Pro¹ igg batches. When there's something in court, that's standard practice. F(x)tec is in court with them. Given so, we only get some informal information here and there. Whatever F(x)tec mentions publicly or officially can be used against them.
  10. The catch here is that f(x)tec is NOT the software OEM of the Pro¹. The OEM is a Chinese company which ditched f(x)tec and they are the legal owners of the whole source code of Pro¹ with SD825 SoC. (Such code that had to be rewritten after they were ditched because they didn't have the rights to repurpose it)
  11. Unfortunately, the LineageOS developers hate to give status updates. So we only get glimpses when they appear...
  12. Unfortunately I can't help with that... Mine is very clear at all volume ranges, even when USB-C is connected at just 30% volume. No clicking.
  13. https://www.expansys.com.au/fxtec-pro1-x-4g-dual-sim-8gb-256gb-blue-qwerty-us-keyboard-382117/ WTF? Is this with authorization?
  14. No I'll send to you in a PM because I don't want this to grow out of proportion badly. Many things don't work or are missing (more missing than not working) in that build and I don't want to be pointed at. There's a non-GMS v2.1.5 (beta) build I'm using which is running rather well and no noticeable new issues from my end. You want?
  15. Get off the drink. It's ruining your brain. An english dictionary would be helpful to you too. Read both "subjectivity" and "objectivity". Maybe that can guide you to enlightenment. If not enough, then... You are beyond help and none of us can help you.
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