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  1. Thankfully, they aren't giving up. I'm glad for that. I do wish they were more transparent on sharing what they don't know and what they are barred from knowing more publicly. It would make PR so much better. This shouldn't be needed but, for real, people need to be reminded about how pandemic status is still causing complete mess in China...
  2. Now there's voting in the google issue tracker. If you have issues with read/write and file managing in general with Android 10 or later, vote +1 here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/179412245 Maybe google will do something about it.
  3. Additionally, @npatel1050, what's on IGG is not a sale. It's an investment. They don't have to fulfill what you give money for (except if it's outright fraud, ofc). It's investment. You get if it's a success, you get nothing if it's a failure. No regulations on warranty either. As for their website, it's a preorder. You get the thing ou paid or you get the money back. There's mandatory warranty through these means. That's just a starting point on how different it is from each of the methods.
  4. OK. So the Pro¹ is too small. Nice. That's way easier to fix than too big 👍
  5. Yeah... In that case, you are entitled to the refund. Did they refund already?
  6. They are terrible with public relations. They seem to be quite afraid to give realistic or controversial information... Which is going against them, in this case. However, they are pushing for the correct thing. The Pro¹ is a real phone which real people have. Images of Pro¹X are realistic and I believe they are real of a real thing to come. They are terrible (over-positive?) at time predictions but they deliver. Pro¹ had those issues two for the ones delivered. They are unable to have priority due to how low volumes they sell compared to companies that order by th
  7. I wonder if the Pro2 could actually be that way... With an e-ink display under transparent keys 😍
  8. That would be awesome! It would be awesome if they were able to do that within the PRO¹ keyboard area...
  9. It will be on January, in the current prediction... We are getting close.... Maybe I can get mine on February
  10. @Doktor Oswaldo Any idea how to play it without google play? I don't think that's possible... Even if I buy it on steam, I won't get an android build...
  11. @Erik Please help this guy! He's struggling!
  12. However, it needs to be used very very carefully. Pressing too hard with the pen will scratch the screen permanently. And "too hard" is not as much as many would expect! Not-so-gently pressing with the nail is already enough to cause permanent dents
  13. I contacted them on twitter and I finally got an answer... ~10 weeks to get an answer ( a little less than 2 months and a half). I wonder what is happening over there...
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