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  1. Send a phone back for repair up untill now they ignore me. What crooks!
  2. Not resolved, no answers yet. dirty company
  3. conclusion, dont send your phone to fxtek, they just take it and... they are still ignoring me...
  4. did you email them again and again or just ignored it as if it was gone? Cuz they tell us if you email too soon they wont look at it only after X time.. (only that story doesnt make sense, in the beginning they answered after 2 days, and now its silent for 3weeks...)
  5. They said they wanted to replace it... then I send them my phone but it didnt contain a certain reference number.. From to moment that I had send it, they ignored me fully. that is 2 weeks now.😔 I don't know what to do with this...
  6. 44161f40-fe7d-43a9-a3f7-4ec4347bf242.jfif Do they still repair broken phones? My screen is bleeding blue and the microphone is not useable when you are inside, every little bit of electromagnetic energy destroys the entire line. I need to use it with a bluetooth headset or its not use-able..
  7. SWIFTKEY WORKS! it opens a total new settings menu that was previously totally hidden
  8. i can select those keyboards for the onboard, not for the fysical, i can only choose languages there. the only option that remains is for every word that the phone autocorrects, make an exact shortcut example. when i want 'wel' on my screen, the shortcut for it is 'wel' silly but i dont see other options
  9. default built in keyboard, i can put auto correct off on the onscreen keyboard but not on the physical, i can change nothing on the default setting
  10. not on android lineage not with android 11 lineage. which OS are you running? nice! and one handed typing? 😛 Do you also have problems with electromagnetic problems, so much noise on the line when you are around electronics (anywhere inside)
  11. you have to switch in between languages and you cant change the settings of those keyboards (like turn off auto correct) kinda rendering the phone useless to me 😄 flipping it open also takes effort and requires two hands... so typing on the keyboard, that is too big (or my hands are too small), is not anymore faster then the onscreen. there are also only a handfull of apps that turn 90 degrees, almost all dont turn, rendering the keyboard useless again. its a nice art piece 4f396e4d-55ef-4594-8928-56fa55f3038d.jfif
  12. off course not a problem when you only speak one language
  13. it doesnt look like i can switch the physical keyboard. I can only switch the onscreen keyboard. And in that one, i got the spellingchecker to stop working
  14. even when you type on the physical keyboard
  15. it doesn't 😞 you have to choose a language and that will be the language it changes into, no way to turn it off... maybe in android 9 but not in 11 i am checking how to fix it for over 2 hours, i am giving up
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