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  1. OK Hook, I finally found someone with less brains than me! U must be Fxtec mouthpiece cuz u jump in like a lawyer! No phone in years, nothing has been accomplished yet! They trusted the people of China & results in many bad decisions! 😝
  2. It's been one year St Patrick's day and "Nothing has been accomplished with the Fxtec team to get the x to their buyers"! Bad luck follows them like their poor decisions and lack of experience! I want my damn phone or my refund NOW!! Enough B. S. is enough!!
  3. I have an open letter for "no Uma suzuki, lame boy advance, FlyingAntero, tsunero" and anyone else that has been severely disappointed in the pro 1x debacle! Please let me hear from you your real feelings on this crock of poop! Don't be shy now, they owe us much for our money!
  4. Well, it's now August & the Tec-group has broken another promise to deliver in August, it's now September! Buyers must be brain dead to put up with this crap. I know I regret it.... Should have bought Astro slide, it would be in my hands long before the FX-Tec! 😝
  5. Well it's obvious that the FX group had No contingency plan to avoid the disaster that has befallen the Pro 1x! This is what happens when you trust unreliable sources like China. When this happened, my personal move was to obtain the SD 835 from cheap used phones that are plentiful now. Using the pre-owned chips is not the easy way, but we would have them "as advertised"! Warranties for the used chips could be extended & I for one would have my smartphone in-hand by now! The other obvious option to the chipset, is get a reliable source like Qorvo, ex Rfmd, supplier for Nokia phones!! No re
  6. So I am not the only one that is expecting his phone, so I am able to assemble the phone from a kit(if it were offered) and then remove the snapdragon from my Sony xz and reinstall to the pro 1 x.... This won't be a snap, but carefulness and a steady hand can have a working phone like it was originally supposed to be! Where's my phone or my refund!?
  7. As an interested party in getting my pro 1x, I would like to have it unfinished... Then take my xperia apart for the sd835 & reinstall in the pro 1x! Time is the most important factor, even if the tec group doesn't realize it, so how can I sell my pro 1x?
  8. The FX Tec group actually broke their own contract when they substituted a faster cpu.! The ONLY reason I wanted the FX Tec is the keyboard & no improved cpu will change it that much! I don't give a damn about a gaming smartphone, but the worrysome tec group thinks differently & are not responsible to their customers! Damn shame too, they lack wisdom!
  9. How do I get a phone or refund? Endless delays is not anyway to conduct business no matter what the delays! 😝
  10. I have a similar problem, the people won't refund my money, and now they delayed the process but saying it needed more than the pu it has.been scheduled for.... More needless delays.... Rather trade 4 an Astro-slide!
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