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  1. As an interested party in getting my pro 1x, I would like to have it unfinished... Then take my xperia apart for the sd835 & reinstall in the pro 1x! Time is the most important factor, even if the tec group doesn't realize it, so how can I sell my pro 1x?
  2. The FX Tec group actually broke their own contract when they substituted a faster cpu.! The ONLY reason I wanted the FX Tec is the keyboard & no improved cpu will change it that much! I don't give a damn about a gaming smartphone, but the worrysome tec group thinks differently & are not responsible to their customers! Damn shame too, they lack wisdom!
  3. How do I get a phone or refund? Endless delays is not anyway to conduct business no matter what the delays! 😝
  4. I have a similar problem, the people won't refund my money, and now they delayed the process but saying it needed more than the pu it has.been scheduled for.... More needless delays.... Rather trade 4 an Astro-slide!
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