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  1. Thanks for the info @order#10248 From my testing the qwerty layout works perfectly. Id love to help with that but I dont have that model for testing. Just wanted to also point out so temp fixes for 2 of the remaining issues. HDMI - Basicly from what i have found, this is an issue with the android display server not destroying the qt.screen properly. I am still working on a solve but a temp fix that wont require you do a full restart is this command: sudo initctl restart lightdm Its not even close to a proper fix but its somthing. Lock Animation - This one is a funny
  2. Hey @benoitjeffrey, 1 : The data partition is accessiable through both os's but not by default. You will need to change the ownership permissions in UBTouch and use a root browser on android. 2 : As for backup i know twrp offers a great solution but I havent tested. If you do give it a go, let me know how it goes and if you need any assistacnce. ~Zahkc
  3. I think that's a great idea @order#10248, I just made this post and I have already "patched" two major bugs with ubuntu touch.
  4. @Raksura wrote this list a while back and from my testing and with my patched the following are now working: Backlight, Cellular Internet, MMS and Telephony. So it is getting much more usable as a daily driver IMO.
  5. Hey all, I've been using Ubuntu touch for about a week now and Ive started working on patching some of the issues with them. I thought some of these fixes would be appreciated by you and I also wanted a public forum to discuss problems and potential solutions for them. The main issues I have noticed with fresh install of Ubuntu touch my new pro 1 are as follows: GPS ❌ - Straight up not working. I may be able to patch driver support across from the lineage git but im too busy rn. Flashlight ❌ - I believe this one shouldn't be to hard to patch, just a matter of finding the right g
  6. Lineage dose not reset the Bluetooth chip to the right RF state and UBTouch isn't able to resolve it for whatever reason. You will need to ensure Bluetooth is off in lineage before switching to UBTouch.
  7. I havent tested it yet but i think updating may be possiable but not exactly easy. In theory, if you keep the lineage recovery in slot a you should be able to sideload "OTA" updates to it without loosing data but this is of course much more tedious. Additionally i would think that UBTouch would do live updates and wouldnt require a second slot. Not to sure but the update scheduale for the pro 1 isnt particulary often so ill let you know more once ive tested it. Additionally, I have been using ubtouch as my daily driver and find with a little tweaking it is pretty stable. Once yo
  8. Well thats a much easier way to do it 🙂 Thanks for the write up mate.
  9. I figured it out and wrote up detailed instructions for anyone else looking to do this.
  10. Alright, after toying with it for a few days I have cracked dual booting and decided to write up the steps myself. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DATA DOING THIS. Credit to @order#10248 for proving the concept. First thing you will want to do is re-flash stock android on your phone. There isn't an official repo for this yet but @Waxberry has kindly provided one on this post. Download and extract the files from there and run the script fastboot_all.bat or you can download my modified linux version flash_all.sh. While that is flashing, download the latest version of Lineage here. Yo
  11. So glad to see this is possible. I have been trying to set this up for the past few hours and Ubuntu and lineage keep overwriting each other. I am doing the fastboot set_active a & b during setup but I think the stock recoveries are overriding it. Would you mind doing a quick writ up of the process so others can replicate? Cheers,
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