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  1. On the subject of "it's obsolete the day it's out", well yeah, it's true and the price is a little bit out of touch compared to Samsung mega factories, but it's not the same production scale, and we have enough alternatives if we must. But this obsolescence is not very surprising tbh: I never bought a phone people were not scoffing at one year later, asking me when I'll upgrade... at best. Most times they look at you with pity you couldn't buy the latest iphone the day you got your normal "I'd rather buy cheap phones I can break than break a 1.2k iphone and have to pay hundreds for a new scree
  2. Peuh you know what I do ? I use only QWERTY and never ever type accents, anywhere (pc, phone, work, family). You d be surprised how tolerant people are of 0 accent writing in French. Fuck AZERTY. Burn AZERTY. Add accents to QWERTY 😄
  3. Oh right I forgot Brexit, this is probably way worse to ship from the UK now, you're right 😄
  4. Hi ! I pre-ordered the pro1-x on the website, before I even heard there was an indiegogo thing etc, and am happy with waiting a bit for the snapdragon redesign and everything. One thing I wonder, seeing their twitter account, is that the factory ships to the UK the finished phones for flashing... but I live in Hong Kong, a few hours I'm sure from the factory in Shenzhen ! Is the phone going to cross half the world and back or do they have any sort of software / product finishing operation here in China ? I suppose if most clients are in EU/US this won't matter anyway, but I just feel bad
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