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  1. Two more issues I found (still on April 1 version, will upgrade after I post this): - The keyboard seems to be less responsive. Sometimes it seems to not register a keypress, or more often, register it twice. I've tried both with "fast poll" enabled and disabled. - My Samsung Gear 2 Fit Pro fitness band was having a lot of bluetooth connectivity issues, especially with a bluetooth headset connected at the same time. Enabling "Gabeldorsche" in the developer settings seems to fix it (and in general with Gabeldorsche, bluetooth seems to behave better than stock).
  2. Does not seem to work. As an experiment, I just changed the existing file to see if it worked: type FULL key A { label: 'A' base: 'x' shift, capslock: 'X' } Nothing happened. I still get a and A when I type 😞 I've also tried having a file in /data/system/devices/keychars/ instead of changing /vendor/usr/keychars/ but nothing happens as well...
  3. I tried it with root as well, but none of my changes would stick (I opened a separate thread for discussion of it). TBH at this point I don't really mind having to do something weird, as long as it works lol.
  4. I did. Nothing seemed to change. None of the built-in layouts seem to do anything.
  5. I recently migrated to LineageOS from stock, where I was a happy FinQWERTY user. After seeing it was broken and finding out in the forums that FinQWERTY is expected not to work, I've been crawling all threads related to keyboard layouts and adjustments and nothing I did worked. (In my case -- I'd like to type Portuguese, so I want combining ` ' ~ ^ and ç; none of the built-in options really seem to be comfortable for typing. There's a few alt combinations that are really hard to reach for a couple of them, but not all...) I tried tweaking a KCM as described in but the changes d
  6. Update: First big disappointment -- it looks like FinQwerty **does not** work on LineageOS 😞 I used U.S. Intl. with dead keys and thus the built-in layouts in LineageOS are quite limited. Really sad...
  7. First time going to LineageOS on my Pro1, pretty smooth so far as well.
  8. This didn't quite work for me. I've had my Pro 1 on the stock firmware up until today, where I installed LineageOS 18.1 20210401. I followed this guide, did the magisk hideprops config, and cleared the google play settings, but afterwards the safetynet would still not pass (even in magisk's own check). I googled a bit, and installed https://github.com/kdrag0n/safetynet-fix (downloaded + installed via magisk), then hid magisk and did the clear data/cache/reboot dance again, and afterwards safetynet passes. I also installed Google Pay and was able to set up NFC and everything seem
  9. You seem to be Portuguese as well so I'll just point out that physical key layout is not the same as software layout. I'm writing this on my Pro1 and I can type é è à á ç ã etc without issue. I'm using the FinQwerty app with the US Intl layout btw.
  10. interesting. That's definitely not my experience -- I turn BT off from time to time, and I do get a notification telling me that the Gear has disconnected, but when I turn it back on it reconnects happily and without friction. I actually quite like Samsung's line, it's a pity that they are deliberately and by design holding it back -- I have a full linux machine attached to my wrist but it does very little apart from notifications, some very simplistic sleep/health tracking, and tell the time.
  11. Yes, I use a Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro watch and indeed I've noticed more quick status notifications (that show for a second and then hide again) in the latest weeks from their sync app for Android. Hadn't connected it with the update, but yeah, I guess they might've started at the same time.
  12. Note that there's no usable write support for NTFS in the linux kernel; what you see on linux desktops is ntfs-3g, a full implementation of ntfs that works as an app and uses the kernel FUSE api.
  13. Did anyone manage to use an SD card on the stock firmware using anything other than FAT32? I'm up for whatever, I just want to get rid of the crappy 4gb file limit. It's a bit bizarre to still need to put up with it on my multi-core phone with gigabytes of ram and a third of a terabyte in storage 😕
  14. Not that I noticed. I was able to kill most processes (other than tasker, that even when disabled somehow kept a background process).
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