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  1. For what it's worth, I never had such issues that I can remember for all of last year. That's why I suspected it may be some new bug on LineageOS, but once I flashed to stock and saw the issues I was pretty much convinced it was a hardware problem. If there were such issues when I got the phone in early 2020, I would've immediately sent it back.
  2. I've sent my Pro1 for repair last saturday, I'll update here if the issue got fixed once I get it back and am able to check.
  3. I think you may be right @auvo.salmi. I flashed back to stock, and no dice -- same problem. I'll see if I can send it in for repairs. Indeed like many here I was hoping that my Pro1 would last for a few years, but...
  4. Thanks tdb for your Factory Restore tool. I've used it to go back to stock as I'm trying to see if ...is a hardware or a software issue. I got it to work successfully, but did run into a small snag on my way there. After a successful flash with the "Q Flash Tool", I got dropped on this menu: ...and "start" would not work, not any of the "reboot to recovery" options -- I just got back here. I tried with both the 2020-07-07 as well as with the 2019-10-28 firmwares. I then tried your suggestion of using fastboot to set the b slot active (I confirmed with `fastboot getvar
  5. I have a qwerty keyboard
  6. Yeah. It's just such a shame that 18-ish years ago I could nuke my Palm Zire 71, do whatever experiments I wanted, and then put it on the cradle, press a button, and everything would be recovered. Android is still a mess of some apps that restore their configs, some that don't, etc. Just awful.
  7. No luck! I did a complete nuke this weekend: factory reset, then flash via adb, and I still get repeated keys. Damn. I'm trying to resurrect my Blackberry Priv so that I can use it temporarily, and once I do, I'll try flashing back to stock and see if the issue still happens there (and thus is hardware) or not (and thus is LineageOS issue).
  8. I'm not sure it's the repeat, as it also happens on keys where long press triggers a popup. So if it was "sticking" I'd expect the popup to show, but it doesn't...
  9. Hey y'all. I've seen some references to weird input issues in the forum, but none seem to match the issue I've been having. For the past months, I've been getting phantom repeated inputs on the keyboard. I'm typing away, and some letters appear twice (and sometimes the clicks don't register at all). I definitely did not have this issue with the stock firmware, and I believe I didn't either when I originally migrated to LineageOS 18.1, but this has been going on for a few months and it's really getting on my nerves (I've been trying to ignore it, since it takes me many many hours to do a r
  10. Great discovery! It works for me, finally I can have the Portuguese layout I wanted! 🙂
  11. Thanks EskeRahn for the testing. I've been dragging my feet on resetting as well to fix these damn keyboard issues, as my Pro1 is my daily driver, so this info will be very valuable. Of all the things to be broken on this phone, it had to be the keyboard. Damn 😞
  12. Have you tried the magisk hide functionality? This did the trick for me for all aps that detected root -- I just add them to the hide list and problem solved.
  13. Two more issues I found (still on April 1 version, will upgrade after I post this): - The keyboard seems to be less responsive. Sometimes it seems to not register a keypress, or more often, register it twice. I've tried both with "fast poll" enabled and disabled. - My Samsung Gear 2 Fit Pro fitness band was having a lot of bluetooth connectivity issues, especially with a bluetooth headset connected at the same time. Enabling "Gabeldorsche" in the developer settings seems to fix it (and in general with Gabeldorsche, bluetooth seems to behave better than stock).
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