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  1. Forgot to mention that I have never had any problem with a device not being supported on T-mobile, including several unlocked phones bought on Amazon; no-name imported brands, and a cute 6-inch Sony(?) Phablet that ran on a Windows OS (that one was the worst--no apps).
  2. When I first learned of FxTec's upcoming QWERTY phone in mid-2020, there was a contract for T-Mobile to carry it within the US. That must have fallen by the wayside since the chipset issue and multiple manufacturing delays (finally ordered mine in Dec. 2020...still waiting). I have had T-mobile for over 12 years. I would have to agree that the coverage has traditionally been terrible outside of urban areas, but since T-mobile merged with and took over Sprint (which had CDMA frequency band and the earliest 5G coverage) I do think T-Mobile's coverage has greatly improved. They have also upda
  3. I emailed asking for an update on February 1, 2022 (last one was 12/1/21). I got an auto-reply that my message was received on Feb. 2, but no status update as of yet.
  4. I ordered in December 2020 and upgraded to the FX-1 with more RAM, etc. when the "discontinued chipset" news went out in March or April 2021. The last status update I saw was December 1, 2021-- can someone send a link if there is a more recent update? Thanks, --Wyndy
  5. To TechEthnu1-- Thanks for your post. Yes, Fx(tec), we are all waiting for our phones (11 months for me). Specifically I would like confirmation sent to my email when my device is shipped, with tracking (as mine will be sent to the USA). Can we expect that? I did get a response on 25 October that the "November shipping date" was on track-- so some of us at least should be getting notifications within the next few days-- right? Thank you for responding, but I was not happy that aside from that one-liner of substance, I was referred to the Indiegogo site for "updates" which turned out to
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