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  1. esme

    Pro 1 charging issue

    OK bit the bullet & tried contacting them via the webform instead of my email lets see if they respond to that If the warranty runs out before they respond to me & they start playing silly buggers, they're going to end up paying my lawyers legal fees too -- EDIT -- Ah a request received email, thank you automated reply system
  2. esme

    Pro 1 charging issue

    @EskeRahn Thanks for the tip Still no response to my email
  3. esme

    Pro 1 charging issue

    @EskeRahn Stock Android, I read through other threads, rebooting the phone has no effect on charging for me, it looks to be how the lead is seated in the socket or how the socket is soldered to the motherboard. If I get it just so it works but then the slightest thing will stop it being "just so" & it stops charging and the annoying thing is the charge light can stay on when this happens, the phone has a charge light & a black screen but when I check Android says the phone isn't charging any more and the percentage charge hasn't gone up. So when I can get it to charge I have to ke
  4. Is anyone else having an issue charging the Pro 1 ? I connect the phone to the supplied charger via the supplied USB-C lead and nothing happens, if I remove the lead, rotate it and reinsert it the phone charges, occasionally. Sometimes it takes several attempts at this procedure to get the phone to charge, then I've noticed that after a while the charge light will go out and the phone will stop charging requiring me to repeat the whole remove, rotate, reinsert procedure until the phone starts charging again. Sometimes the charge light will come on but the Android battery indicat
  5. I'm still waiting for the tracking email, however my Pro1 arrived last Thursday 😁
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