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  1. Fastest way to turn any corporation off to your needs is to talk about a class action. People like to throw this idea around, but if you actually say this to anyone at any company, they are trained to shut up and not tell you anything after those words are spoken. As for me... I needed a new phone. Got a midrange A52 5G. Works for now so I am giving up on FxTec. Spent countless hours clawing back control of this device with the ADB Shell and firewalls and watching who it talked to. I own the phone finally. This phone has a 750G in it and it is already just acceptable, so not a fan
  2. I got a name and email internally now. Who would I talk to at FxTec?
  3. That is odd... They just now shut my Sony off a couple days ago. I have been digging around in AT&T of the people I know that work there and I may have found the group that does device testing. How would I get Fxtec to send them a phone? Is one available for testing?
  4. Mid to late May now? Wow. Really getting tired of waiting. Just got a notification from AT&T that they plan to shut my entire phone off May 4th. I am not sure I can wait anymore.
  5. Chinese manufacture will only get worse in the future. Everything that can be moved out of that country, the better. Still waiting to see if things start shipping prior to placing an order. Not going to put $900 out there only to have it disappear.
  6. Yes. They have finally shut off my voice calls on a 3G voice phone with 4G LTE for data. Watching this FX-Tec phone as a possible replacement, but good to know you are having a problem with it. Note my data still works. Voice calls do not. What this tells me on your phone is that this Pro1X is not compatible with AT&T Voice. I do believe AT&T calls it HD Voice. This apparently is not the same as VoLTE.
  7. AT&T used to be the carrier with the most phone choices about a decade ago. I remember recommending to my company to ditch Verizon so that we could go to AT&T and have more device selection for the engineers. Now they are becoming the complete opposite. It is what it is I guess.
  8. Not a fan of T-Mobile as they have started censoring SMS texts. For real guys? I don't care ones political views, I just can't stand censorship and they are all in on it.
  9. The big three phone carriers are about to shut off service for any phone not approved by them. This would include this phone. What are the plans to get this phone approved by the big three? Example: https://www.xda-developers.com/t-mobile-att-require-volte-phone-calls-shut-down-3g/ US support of this phone is about to be non-existent. I hope someone is trying to get these phones approved for use on our carriers. This is the main reason I have no ordered this device to date. List of approved phones for AT&T for example: https://www.att.com/idpas
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