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  1. Thanks to everyone here in the forum and FxTec tech support I have finally a beautiful AND working Pro 1x back in my hands!! There was even a screen protector in the box for me to apply, like a mint on the pillow. Much appreciated! It was at first frustrating to not have a way to test the keyboard without downloading some app. i resisted the prying grip of Google playstore by loading Firefox so that I could ditch chrome. So I could get Gmail and Facebook without using the apps. The keyboard is elegantly designed and nicely backlit. Internet access is good. Having the tilt when the keyboard
  2. so then how would they know there are enough Pro 1xs to cover both IGG and the FxTec web orders if our order page does not say Pro 1x? wouldn't the numbers be under counted?
  3. So, i was getting ready to send back the Indiegogo Pro 1x that came unbootable. Since i opened the box from the underside i failed to see the handwriting that said "does not boot up" until now when i flipped the box over. (see attached). I don't understand why, if it was deemed Unbootable, did they still mail it out? And the question now is: will my Web order be coming from this same location? might i suggest they send the known unbootable units to people in UK. so that the repair isn't two international shipments away?
  4. I hadn't realize there's a page to check the status of the order on FxTec. Thanks for that link, @KaKi87! So I checked my order info: Order #56xxxx, Aug 2020. It is still listed as a black Pro 1. *edit: status says Processing. There was no information on the upgrade to a Pro1x. Does anyone else's show that? Mine is complicated as it then got bundled with the Indiegogo Pro1x I ordered in Nov 2020, but it does not show on the Indiegogo page that I have 2 Pro1xs. My credit card receipt is the only place. Should I be asking about this with @Casey I have no idea when the Au
  5. Thanks @EskeRahn for your input. I am weary of opening this brand new unit as I still remember opening the only working PocketEdge to replace the battery (hard to come by but I got it), and to come back and mess up the ON/OFF toggle. So then i have no working unit at all. 😞 Thanks, @SchattengestaItand @Hook, but I am in NYC, and London is still an expensive International shipping task. I also still have another unit coming (or am I dreaming that it will ever come?). I just wish, that there's a way around the charging? Maybe a giant Induction Charging block !?
  6. This time it happened. I got the email notification. I got a tracking number. I got crazy tracking status updates that said otherwise, but I did receive the Pro1x I ordered through Indiegogo on Nov 3rd, about 10 days after I got email notification. I think though, I got one of those that has a depleted battery. It won't turn on. It does not show charging. The red light flashed once when I plugged it in to charge. No show of progress at all. If i hold down the power button continuously, that red light flashes once every 10, 11 seconds. What should I do? If this unit can be revived I
  7. Hi Sequestris, Thanks for your reply. I also did not get notification for your reply. In the mean time, I received one of the two Pro1x (via Indiegogo) November 3rd. Progress, sort of. But I am stuck at booting up the device. I may never find out what it's like to have a Pro1x after all, as I read in the forum that Pro 1x cannot be charged unless it is ON. In which case, I will still need to get a refund for the other Pro1x that I ordered through FxTec website. Thanks for pointing the way.
  8. That's amazing! Which mobile service do you use? Do you think it will work with T-mobile?
  9. Hi, I'm at my wit's end for the two Pro 1x (one from Indiegogo, one from FxTec, but then FxTec said something about bundling them together, which I don't know what it really meant) to arrive. It seems that there is no end in sight, except about $1500 down the drain. @sequestrisdo you think you wouldn't mind sharing your method to get the refund? It would be much appreciated. Thank you! Hling
  10. I see! Yes, I was of the Nokia Communicator lineage, if you will, the horizontal keyboard. Though, I still use my E90 for notes because it has a solid hinging system, and only thought about the Nokia E7 for about 1/2 hr, as it felt flimsy back then. I only switched to the Nokia N9 when it couldn't connect any more. My sister on the other hand, had been an HP Ipaq user. So, i guess that's of the vertical keyboard type. Her LG was the horizontal type, but I think she's always missed the Ipaq. I guess when it comes to keyboard vs. no keyboard, either vertical or horizontal will do.
  11. What does it mean "wrong direction"? So what's good with this particular keyboard cover is the ease of clipping on, and how instantly the keyboard is usable. (i saw later that there is a Bluetooth one as well, but I really wouldn't want to go that extra step of pairing. ) when you want to use the phone without keyboard you just slide it to the back side, so it doesn't need to come off and risk being misplaced. Also, I had thought it would limit what one can see on the screen, but somehow the screen content adjusts and you just scroll down to see the rest of the page. I don't kn
  12. I have just set my sister up with a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a clip on keyboard cover case that makes it look like a Blackberry. https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/samsung-galaxy-s7-keyboard-cover-black-ej-cg930ubegus/ She had a LG Fathom with T-Mobile, but was told that by July 2022 her phone will no longer be usable with its 3G limitation. She's happy with this set up. Good luck!
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