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  1. Today a Pro1-X arrived at my place. IGG-Contribution around #4000, July 2022. (Enthusiast Pro1-X bundle) Pro1-X 8GB + 256G, Keyboard Layout: QWERTZ , Pre-Installed OS: LineageOS. IIRC no engraving, black. A sapphire blue QWERTZ-device was shipped (the color looks great, btw). S/N < 7000. XDA-engraving on the back. Seals of the packing where already broken. The battery was approx 1/3 full at arrival. it was no problem to recharge it. The device was shipped with stock android. Screen protectors, spare batteries and screens where not included. Importtax to Germany was 28,50 EUR,
  2. SELLING RESERVED Sold f(x)tec Pro1 QWERTZ in bad shape + 2 spare screens + battery Dear all, as I just received my Fairphone 5, I'm selling my Pro1. It is in very bad shape, as you can see on the images. Known defects: noisy microphone keyboard does not detect every keystroke scratches on main camera something is clicking in the phone when shaking it scratched backcover dents The phone had the "ghost-touches" problem. It was fixed with an original spare-screen and display-frame, which was covered by warranty. The noisy micropho
  3. And, as a backer of the Pro1x and owner of a deceasing Pro1, I would be ok with that. I think it's time to close the door and move on.
  4. Hi everybody, I'm posting this just for the sake of statistics. In September 2021 my Pro1 also started to develop these ghost touches and the unresponsive area at the lower part of the screen. FxTec replied to my ticket after approximately 3 weeks and we figured out the issue is covered by warranty. This was great! Unfortunately no displays were available then. Now, in May 2022 I still have not heard from the support team, and my display was still broken. Yesterday I received a replacement screen from Aliexpress and installed it today. I have some problems glueing into the right pos
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