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  1. I can only say that, as it sounds as though I am pretty much in exactly the same boat as you (I too am over 3,000 in the IGG backers' queue), I feel your pain completely and pretty much agree with the feelings you express here. But I think the subsequent posters are unfortunately almost certainly right: unless we could prove fraud against Fxtec themselves - which personally I very much doubt they are guilty of and certainly am sure could not be proven even if I'm wrong - we have no real recourse as backers and our money is lost, unless and until we get a phone we can use or can sell, to mitig
  2. Given my IGG no. is well over 3000 (!!!), I think I can whistle for seeing my phone this year. Not, I hasten to add, that I still actually want it - I'll be keeping my BB Key2 until either it dies or something more up-to-date with a PKB comes along. But I would like to try and mitigate my losses by selling the PRO1-X while there might still be some market for it. To say I was disappointed by the latest IGG update is, well, not quite right, as I no longer have any real expectations of Fxtec delivering - but it was still pretty depressing. By the way, and apologies if
  3. Have to say, this latest update on IGG (again they've not bothered to e-mail it to backers) is quite spectacularly useless and content-free. While there are some possibly slightly outlandish theories that have been been aired on this forum, that's pretty understandable as plainly "something is going on", and FxTec's communications with their backers have been, and remain, frankly atrocious. I find it hard to blame people for coming to, and voicing, their own conclusions. It's an object-lesson in how not to handle such matters. *If* the reason for them failing to explain the situati
  4. Precisely so for me too. Whether in hindsight an error on my part, I'll try to keep on open mind - which might be a little easier now I have got myself a second-hand BB Key 2 on E-Bay to tide me over!!
  5. I'm sure that's entirely accurate, though for my part I was never motivated by any possible discount on the cost, only to get my hands on what looked like a good device in good time. Honest information would be nice, though. Anyway, no great surprises in what I've heard back from Fxtec - firstly: These are very unfortunate times and this is not how we wanted to fulfil the Pro1 X orders but we have been forced to if we want to please all users.You have not lost your money at all as we still intend to deliver the Pro1 X to everyone without problems. And then subsequently:
  6. I am utterly furious at this latest development. I too have been - despite complaining to Fxtec about the issue - removed from the IGG updates so had to find out about this via this forum this evening. I have written to them again asking them what my options as a backer, rather than a website orderer, are - and, candidly, given that I need to buy a new phone NOW*, whether I have essentially lost my money. Although I used to be a solicitor (!) I am not sure what my legal rights will be if Fxtec do not offer me a refund. It goes without saying that I have no faith whatsoever tha
  7. Well, glad to hear it's not just me at least, then...!
  8. Thanks for the reply. Bizarre: I never got that update (having checking Inbox, Spam and even Deleted Items!) - so thanks for providing the link. That however is really bad news. I must say, the absence of an explanation for the further delay is not clever, and now I gather that not even all of the Batch 1 phones have been despatched, let alone Batch 2! As I say, I wish I could cancel - certainly I've got my fingers burnt here. Postscript: I have now written to Fxtec themselves directly and will share any relevant information I get.
  9. Still not a squeak from Fxtec by way of update - this seems, looking through my inbox, to be the longest gap they've left between updates since I 'joined' in January. Have to admit I'm pretty annoyed now. If I had ordered rather than being a backer, I would have cancelled my order. As it is, my old phone now has multiple faults so it looks as though I'm going to have to buy something - and then if/when I ever see my Fxtec. phone, either sell the 'emergency' phone or the Fxtec... probably taking a loss either way. Really unhappy! I guess there must be others in comparable
  10. More generally, does this mean (and I've no idea when I'll get my Pro1-X!) that you can't re-map the camera button to do something else? For example, on my old / current Blackberry Key One I've had the equivalent key mapped to my Hub / Inbox...
  11. Thanks - that's helpful info. I'll just have to be Very Gentle with my old BB KeyOne...
  12. Well, I've still not heard anything by way of shipping info on my phone, and am getting rather concerned. My "order" was via Indiegogo back on 10 January this year, contribution no. 3773. In the absence of anything official, is there anybody on the forum who might have any idea what the situation with shipping actually is? I'd be really grateful for any help - obviously as a contributor rather than a purchaser my rights are limited, soif my existing phone dies and I need to buy another, I won't be in a strong position. Thanks...!
  13. Ah, thanks. Well the only number I can find is 3773, which seems a bit high compared to those you give - though I did only "order" in January 2022, which I suppose is much later than many? Just hoping it's not too much longer because the space bar on my old Blackberry KeyOne is going!!
  14. Now here's a probably rather silly question, having now received the shipping update from Indiegogo: how do I find out whether I'm in Batch 1 or Batch 2? Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!
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