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  1. After using it a little bit, then putting it back in the box until I could get a buddy to 3d print me a case for it...well he hasn't had time to print the case and I also worried that someday Verizon would kick the device off (since I was using a donor SIM) and for where I live my house only is served by Verizon, so that was some anxiety. I asked my dad to list it on eBay for me (after I did a full factory reset and sealed the box before taking it to him to handle selling/shipping) - https://www.ebay.com/itm/155169182551 SOLD If it sells I'll tuck the money away for when my current
  2. Man, we really need a Lineage 19 build for this phone. I know it all takes time and it's a new modem/soc...but whew that really would make it killer.
  3. Yeah IGG has been sending me the updates fine. Maybe IGG is going to SPAM or your e-mail address on file with them has changed? I don't know much about IGG, but just ideas.
  4. After testing mine with the Verizon SIM card in it mine has sat in it's box...waiting for a 3d printed case from a buddy. But as time passes I am again tempted to to sell. If Verizon stopped working I would be completely out of luck. No other cell provider covers my house (we have AT&T, T-Mobile, and a Regional carrier also in my area)...
  5. I just replied to your post in the other thread about Verizon. I haven't been able to take time and test the pro1-x for any length of time. I need a case (waiting for a buddy to make me the one from thingiverse) and screen protector before I'll even risk daily driving the phone. I think I had VoLTE turned on...but not WiFi Calling.
  6. I tossed my SIM card from my Pixel 2 XL into the pro1-x when it came in to check it out. I live in the midwest, near a rural city (30k or so). Verizon, last I checked, is the only thing that mostly works at my house (depending on where you are it might not even work). Anyways, the por1-x worked as well or better. I tested SMS with the default app, made and received calls (speaker, mic, and bluetooth) which all worked fine. Since I am not ready to make this my daily driver I toss the SIM back into the Pixel 2XL. I did not enable WiFi calling as I wanted to tested the cell network.
  7. With the current stock firmware, that is correct. You can not.
  8. Yeah I've seen this on my Pixel2XL which has Linage 18.1, so certainly not a Pro1-X issue alone.
  9. I asked my buddy if he could make me a test (low infill) for the back and top bumpers. If/when he does and we work out any kinks I'll point him this way. I like the idea of that case.
  10. I just tested and on my Pixel 2XL (LinageOS 18.1) I do not get anything from the finger print scanner when it's not being requested, so I am thinking this is a change they could make in software/firmware...or wait until LinageOS comes to the phone.
  11. I ran into this the bit I used it. I found the location great in both landscape and portrait. Though I noticed that I had to tap the power button before I could finger print unlock...was it just me?
  12. Thank you! Yeah I'd love to carry a real camera, but right now I already have to carry 2 phones (work and personal), so just no room in general to have one with me. Maybe I can look for a really slim camera that would fit away nicely in a pocket...
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