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  1. Fxtec is dead. The phones are listed as out of stock. The website hasn't been updated in months. The company has stopped engaging on any channel/platform. Liangchen Chen lists himself on LinkedIn as CTO of Clicks. Let's do an autopsy. I have been following Fxtec since they tried to build a Moto Mod with a keyboard under a different name. I watched the Pro1 and Pro1 X launches closely, though I did not sink money into them because I was one of the last BlackBerry holdouts. Here is an overview of what happened from my understanding: Fxtec was launched under the name Livermorium and sou
  2. Does anyone have any reports about reception and data speeds with the phone on Verizon now that Band 66 is more common?
  3. I ordered via the website in June 2022. Should I have any reason to expect that if/when the phones do start shipping in December, mine will be fulfilled then?
  4. Are there any recent reports of success on Verizon? I've been using a Key2 successfully on Verizon and I'm wondering if I can do the same with the Pro1X.
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